Grover Beach Plumbing: How Do I Choose a Toilet?

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Grover Beach Plumbing

Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbing experts are here to share some surprising news…there’s more than one type of toilet out there! To spare you the shock of being stunned by all your choices, our Grover Beach toilet repair professionals have created a simple guide packed with all the top toilet tips you need to make an informed decision. First, you’ll want to consider … Read More

Pismo Beach Plumbing: How Do I Choose the Right Plumbing Fixtures?

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Pismo Beach Plumbing

Griffin’s Pismo Beach plumbing experts are all about perfecting the finishing touches in your home. The right plumbing fixtures can add polish to any bathroom, kitchen, or other renovation project. From sinks to showers, small details can make a big difference in both form and function. When choosing which plumbing fixtures are best for you, there are many important elements to consider … Read More

Lompoc Plumbers: How Do I Remove Rust?

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Lompoc Plumbers: Removing Rust Without Damage

Removing rust doesn’t have to be a challenge thanks to Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers! There are many ways to safely tackle the task of eliminating rust from metal surfaces in and around your home. Stay dry Prevent rust in the first place by keeping metal surfaces dry. We understand that this can be impossible at times, but do your best! Try … Read More