Finding The Perfect Bathroom Sink

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Griffin Plumbing Bathroom Remodel Tips - Finding The Perfect Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Remodel Tips: Choosing Your New Bathroom Sink

Here at Griffin Plumbing we have seen it all when it comes to home renovations and remodeling. Sinks and vanities that are the wrong size, designers forgetting to make space for elbow room or linen storage, trendy glass fixtures quickly becoming shattered hazards in a newly finished spa bathroom, and new floors becoming instantly water damaged from improper sealing and poor planning.

Griffin Plumbing does not want any of these to happen to the families we serve in Santa Maria, Orcutt, and throughout the Central Coast. Here are some pointers for picking out your perfect bathroom sink, and to guide the rest of your bathroom remodel.

Start with Your Sink

Why start with the bathroom sink when contemplating a bathroom remodel? Because other than the shower, this is the most important standing-room place in your bathroom. You wash your face and brush your teeth here, you put on makeup or fix your hair, you shave here, your children get ready for school or bedtime here. The bathroom sink is the center of activity for the entire bathroom, so it’s a great place to start.

Function or Fancy or Both?

Do your priorities rest in aesthetics or in the functionality of the room? If you have a large family or guests frequently coming and going, you may want to choose a sink that has counter space and a deeper basin, to avoid splashes. Perhaps a double sink is in order to get everyone out the door on time. Also consider how easy it is to clean.

There are many beautiful finishes that you can get these days for your bathroom, including real stone, tile, polished cement, and many more. Each of these come with their own price range, and also their own level of ease of cleaning, maintenance needs, etc. Be mindful of these factors when picking what you want, and remember that you will be the one cleaning it, so pick what your busy schedule can handle.

Educate Yourself on the Styles Available

Not all sinks are created equally. Pedestal sinks are free-standing, supported by the pedestal. Wall mount sinks mount to a wall and may or may not be able to be fitted to a vanity. Drop-in sinks fit into a counter top. Decide early if you need counter space, storage space, child-safe durability, handicap accessibility, or have any other special considerations. Each one can make a big impact on the options you have available.

Customize What You Want

Many customers assume that they can find everything they want in a home improvement store. The truth is that these stores can only hold so much inventory, and may not have the type of sink, counter top, vanity, fixtures, lighting, or anything else that fits your taste. Do not be afraid to customize your look and reach outside of the realm of prefab.

Need more ideas?

Griffin Plumbing is here to help with your bathroom remodel and other renovation needs. Our plumbers can also customize the plumbing in your house to fit your needs and desired comforts, treat your water to keep your family healthy and your skin soft, and help you pick the fixtures that help you be green and comfortable in your home.

Call our Santa Maria, Orcutt & Central Coast phone number today at (805) 934-1949, and let us help choose your perfect bathroom sink!