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Griffin Plumbing - Bathroom Remodeling Tips

It seems like everyone is renovating their homes these days – as we’ve seen with so many of our customers in Santa Maria, Orcutt and the rest of the Central Coast. It is no secret that kitchen and bathroom remodeling helps sell houses. But do you really know what kind of detailed work goes into upgrading your 1960’s bathroom into a modern in-home spa? Yes, we know that you watch countless reality shows that tell you the steps to installing upscale tile and fixtures, but sometimes there is a significant difference between reality TV and real life. With the home improvement networks inspiring so much Do It Yourself work we thought we would give you some realistic bathroom remodeling tips that the TV can tend to leave out.

Stick to a Budget

Only you know what you can afford. Before you start picking out designs, you need to figure out what kind of cash you have available. Determine a set amount for your project. In addition, it is best to have a small contingency fund just in case something unexpected pops up. This contingency fund will prevent your entire project from coming to a screeching halt.

Consult an Expert

One of the most commonly seen mistakes in DIY bathroom remodeling projects is not understanding which pipes service which fixture. In other words, homeowners tend to make the mistake of confusing waste pipes with water pipes, and not understanding the rules of where pipes can be installed. For example, pipes should not be run along an exterior wall, due to the possibility of freezing.

To prevent serious mishaps, and to ensure that your plumbing system can handle the upgrade, we recommend a consult with our team. Our plumbers will come to your home, determine where your pipes are running, and that they are all in safe working order, and can assist with measuring your space to determine the size of new fixtures that you can accommodate. This also allows us to give you a quote for your plumbing work and take a great deal of stress off of your shoulders. Plumbing done wrong can quickly become disastrous, but allowing the Griffin team of certified plumbers to do the work ensures that everything will be done right the first time.

Measure and Then Measure Again

Once you know what kind of plumbing layout you have, you can start looking at fixtures. Make sure you know the exact measurements. Every day there is someone at a home improvement store returning a cabinet or counter top or appliance because it was the wrong size. You do not want to be that guy (or gal). If you are unsure how to measure the specific space, please allow us to do it for you. Not only can we ensure you have the right measurements but we can help you determine if your desired layout will be functional.

Staying or Going?

It is your house, and you can design it however you want—but if you are not making this a forever home, you may want to make sure that you will get a decent return on your investment. If you think you may be selling your home in the next decade, we encourage you to keep your fixtures neutral. That does not mean that you can not or should not incorporate your personality into your design, but try to steer clear of lime-green sinks or plush-pink toilets and showers.

While you may love this color scheme, you will have greatly limited your potential buyers. If you need bright colors, try using paintings or accessories to liven up the space. This way, if the next owner is not thrilled with your disco vibe, they can easily come back to the future with minimal effort, and you can get some cash back in your pocket.

Set Up for Success

The team at Griffin Plumbing of Santa maria, Orcutt and the Central Coast is here to help you navigate the bathroom remodeling paradigm. Let us help keep you on track and set you up for a successful bathroom renovation every time.

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