San Luis Obispo Plumbing: How To Kid-Proof Your Plumbing

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Here at Griffin, your reliable San Luis Obispo plumbing pros have just about seen it all when it comes to broken faucets, running toilets, and clogged drains. Although you may take all the steps you can to avoid clogs and breakdowns, there is one thing that homeowners often overlook when it comes to preventative plumbing: their kids. Toddlers don’t understand … Read More

Oceano Plumbing: How-to Remove Hard Water Stains

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Hard water stains aren’t pretty – so it’s a good thing Griffin’s Oceano plumbing pros have the surprisingly simple solution to removing them from your home. Let’s rewind just a bit to clarify: Have you noticed a cloudy film coat your drinking glasses? Do you see weird white spots on your bathroom fixtures? If you answered, “yes”, the discoloration you’re … Read More

Arroyo Grande Plumbing: Top 5 Tips for Responsible Homeowners

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Today Griffin’s Arroyo Grande Plumbing experts are revealing the top 10 plumbing facts savvy homeowners need to know. Let’s dive in! 1. Where the Main Water Shut-Off Valves Are It’s extremely important to know where the main shut-off valve and drain is located on your property (it can actually be located outside your home in some cases) because plumbing emergencies … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Cleaning & Maintaining Your Gutters

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Griffin’s friendly Nipomo plumbing experts are prepared to help you protect your home this stormy season with practical tips to clean and maintain your gutters, safely and expertly. Let’s start with why gutters are important. When it rains, gutters direct water runoff from your roof and away from your home. This protects your home’s siding, doors, windows, and foundation from … Read More

Arroyo Grande Plumbing: Plumbing Tips to Survive the Holidays

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Griffin’s friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers are here to help you and your family prepare your home plumbing for the most magical time of the year…the holidays! No matter how you choose to celebrate, whether you’re hosting a houseful of family, or getting together with good friends for a dinner party, here are proactive plumbing tips to keep in mind this … Read More

Pismo Beach Plumbing: Dishwasher Clogs

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We all want to be able to count on our household appliances, especially around the holidays. When dishwashers don’t perform as expected, it’s often due to annoying clogs, which can wreck havoc on your home plumbing. That’s why it helps to know what to look out for. Here are the five most common signs your dishwasher is clogged and it’s … Read More