2020 Plumbing Resolutions

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Think about your last plumbing emergency. Could it have been prevented? Did it prove that hindsight really is 20/20? Luckily, 2020 is also a fresh new year, and you have time to prevent problems by looking ahead. Here are some suggestions for some plumbing resolutions from your friendly Santa Maria plumbers. Diet Your toilet is designed to accept 3 things: … Read More

Local Business Spotlight | Klondike Pizza Of Santa Maria

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Klondike Pizza Business Profile - Griffin Plumbing

Griffin Plumbing values relationships and we make an effort to develop a community of trust and partnership with our fellow local businesses. A great example of this community partnership is our long-standing relationship with Klondike Pizza of Santa Maria. Our Favorite Pizza Klondike Pizza is a Griffin Family favorite! From the time that Klondike Pizza first opened its doors in … Read More