3 Reasons Why You Need an Earthquake Shutoff Valve

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Thinking about an earthquake hitting the Central Coast isn’t something we Californians like to think about. But we also know it’s only a matter of time before one strikes again. One of the biggest things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing for a temblor is whether your home has an earthquake shutoff valve. Our Nipomo plumbers are … Read More

Why is My Water Heater So Noisy?

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Noisy water heater

Are you hearing popping, crackling, screeching, rumbling, clicking, ticking, sizzling or tapping from your water heater? The good news is, you don’t need to call Ghostbusters! But you may want to call your friendly Nipomo plumbers at Griffin Plumbing to make sure the noises haunting you aren’t anything that could cause scary or expensive problems in the future. Gas or … Read More

Sink Tips For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

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Kitchen Sink Drain

Are you sick of drain build up? It seems like these pesky clogs always come at the worst times, like before a party or after a long day at work. As our Nipomo plumbing pros always say, the best form of plumbing is preventative plumbing. As summer comes to a close, invest in your pipes and perform these 4 simple … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Carbon Monoxide Dangers

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Carbon Monoxide Dangers Stove

Here at Griffin, we take plumbing seriously. As luxurious as it is to live in the day and age we are in, the amenities in our home can be dangerous if they aren’t maintained. One of the added bonuses we often include in our visits are whole home inspections. Not only do we seek to anticipate disasters before they strike, … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Ghost Flushing Causes and Solutions

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Toilet from a above

Have you ever been home alone, and in the middle of the night you suddenly hear…your toilet flushing? It can be a really spooky experience, and that’s why it’s called ghost flushing. No need to fear, there isn’t a plumbing phantom haunting you, but you might have a leak that if left untreated, can lead to serious damage. Today our … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: 3 Reasons to Use Shower Head Water Filters

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Shower head water filter

Personal hygiene starts in the shower. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your faucets aren’t spurting water that has bacteria, chlorine, and rust in it. You wouldn’t want to drink water with these contaminants, so why would you want them on your body? That’s why our friendly Nipomo plumbing experts are here to break down the truth … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Cleaning & Maintaining Your Gutters

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Nipomo Plumbing Gutter Maintaining

Griffin’s friendly Nipomo plumbing experts are prepared to help you protect your home this stormy season with practical tips to clean and maintain your gutters, safely and expertly. Let’s start with why gutters are important. When it rains, gutters direct water runoff from your roof and away from your home. This protects your home’s siding, doors, windows, and foundation from … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Secret Kitchen Leaks

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Secret Kitchen Leaks

The best plumbers in Nipomo are here to talk leaks! Dishwashers and sinks aren’t always to blame when it comes to kitchen leaks. The culprit could very well be your refrigerator (yes, even if your refrigerator doesn’t have a water dispenser or ice maker). The most important thing you need to know? A leaky refrigerator is not something to ignore. … Read More

Nipomo Plumbers: What’s the Difference Between Hard & Soft Water?

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So, what’s the difference between hard and soft water? Our Nipomo Plumbers have the answers you need to know! HARD WATER WHAT IS HARD WATER? Hard water contains a considerable quantity of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Untouched by any chemical process, hard water seeps through the ground where it’s filtered by mineral deposits and stones before making it’s … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Homebuyers Beware

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Nipomo plumbing

Before you invest in the home of your dreams, be sure to think about plumbing! Knowing the existing condition of the home’s plumbing system before you purchase will save you money and future headaches after you move in. Good thing Griffin’s Nipomo plumbing team know exactly what to look out for before you sign on the dotted line. Whether you’re looking … Read More