How Your Plumbing System Can Help You Save Water

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Our Oceano plumbers hate to break it to you—but you’re wasting water in your home! Whether it’s through outdated appliances or bad habits, a few drops can add up fast and cost you (and the environment) a lot. Our friendly plumbing pros are here to give you some simple ways to save water this season. Lighten up on Landscaping With … Read More

Do I Need a Water Softener in My Home?

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Do I need a water Softener - Water Splash

Most Americans are using hard water in their homes. Even if you don’t know exactly what hard water is, you are probably familiar with the bothersome effects of it. Think: scale buildup on spouts, stains in your sinks and tubs, higher utility bills, dry skin and hair and even more! Today, our plumbers in Oceano are here to give you … Read More

Oceano Plumbing: Benefits of Repiping Your Home This Spring

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Leaky pipes? Rusty, orange water? Water seeping through the walls? If none of these sound like a fun time to you (or if you’re already experiencing them—yikes!) it might be time to repipe. Pipes, just like most mechanical parts, have a service lifespan. After too much wear and tear, they reach their use limit. Here at Griffin we have seen … Read More

Oceano Plumbing: How-to Remove Hard Water Stains

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Oceano Plumbing Sink- Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains aren’t pretty – so it’s a good thing Griffin’s Oceano plumbing pros have the surprisingly simple solution to removing them from your home. Let’s rewind just a bit to clarify: Have you noticed a cloudy film coat your drinking glasses? Do you see weird white spots on your bathroom fixtures? If you answered, “yes”, the discoloration you’re … Read More

Oceano Plumbing: Why Does Grout Crack?

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Oceano Plumbing Why Grout Cracks

Today Griffin’s Oceano plumbing professionals are exploring an important detail you might not think too much about in your home until it cracks, and that’s grout. Grout ages, and in time it won’t look as clean and sharp as it should across your home! Cracks start to develop for specific reasons, and that’s why we’re trying to prevent. Below you’ll … Read More

Oceano Plumbers: Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?

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Water pressure is important in Oceano and beyond. It’s something you may not think of often, but actually impacts the quality of everyday living from taking a shower to washing your hands and much more. If you’ve ever experienced low water pressure in your home, you know it’s not so fun. That’s why our Oceano plumbing experts are sharing more about … Read More