Winter Plumbing Tips

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With the sun shining and temperatures in the 70s well into December, it’s not exactly the Great White North here on California’s Central Coast. But that doesn’t mean cold temperatures and inclement weather isn’t on its way eventually, which means you should think about ways your plumbing might be affected. Here are some tips from our San Luis Obispo plumbers … Read More

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Personal Oasis

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These days, it seems a spa day, every day, is in order. There’s nothing better than letting the stress of the day wash away in a steamy, luxurious setting that relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind. But the reality is, we can’t all make it to the spa each and every day. So why not bring the spa to … Read More

Prevent Plumbing Problems While Everyone Is Home for the Summer

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Griffin Plumbing - Home for the summers- Prevent plumbing problems

Last year, we gave you some tips about kid-proofing your plumbing. This year, our San Luis Obispo plumbers are kicking it up a notch with some additional tips to help you prevent plumbing problems while everyone’s home for the summer. Yes, we still recommend safety latches and locks, anti-scald devices, drain covers, and seasonal inspections. Here are some more things … Read More

Low-Flow in S.L.O.

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Low-Flow Fixtures, Griffin Plumbing in SLO

As we face another abnormally dry winter, your favorite San Luis Obispo plumbers are here with some info about water-conserving plumbing fixtures. California civil code has required low-flow fixtures for over 25 years. During that time, the codes have changed further, and the performance of fixtures has improved. If your home hasn’t had its fixtures upgraded, or your improvements were … Read More

5 Plumbing Myths to Stop Believing in 2020

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Faucet, San Luis Obispo Plumbers

1. You can sharpen the blades on your garbage disposal with eggshells or ice cubes. Here’s a news flash. Your garbage disposal doesn’t actually have blades! Unlike a blender, a garbage disposal (aka garbage disposer) grinds food. Impellers mounted on a spinning plate work with centrifugal force to force food against a stationary grind ring. Then running water is used … Read More

Water Quality Warning Signs

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San Luis Obispo Plumbers Water Quality

Does your cup runneth over with unpleasantness? Is something waiting for you in your bathtub? Because water quality can affect your health, family, home, appliances, pets, and plants, it’s good to know what’s in there. Some indicators of poor or unsafe water quality are only found through testing, but others are easier for homeowners to detect. Our plumbers in San … Read More

Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your Toilet?

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San Luis Obispo Plumbing Toilet Upgrades

Toilets are the most used appliances in your home, no question there. Before a big remodel or after a series of fixes, many folks wonder whether or not theirs needs a replacement. Our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers are here to make the decision easy. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a new loo, ask yourself these questions: … Read More

Buying a New Home? Here’s Your Plumbing Checklist

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Home buying plumbing checklist

Buying a new home is one of the largest financial investments most people will make, so it’s important to ensure the plumbing is in top-shape before you cash in on the keys. Nobody wants to experience a plumbing nightmare right after they move in, so our San Luis Obispo plumbing pros are here to give you a checklist of things … Read More

Protecting Your Plumbing While on Vacation

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Preparing Plumbing For Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, which means vacation time! Before you pack your bags and head out the door, be sure to take time to prep your home. Our Griffin plumbers in San Luis Obispo are here today to give you five things to add to your to-do list before you leave your house this season. Change water and … Read More