Fall Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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It may not feel like it right now in Shell Beach, but fall is here and cooler weather will soon follow. That means there’s no better time to do some routine maintenance on your water heater to make sure that hot shower on a rainy morning doesn’t turn into an icy-cold wake-up call. Inspecting your water heater is especially important … Read More

Freshen Up Your Bathroom This Spring

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Freshen Up your bathroom- Spa like image with towels

Is a visit to your restroom more stressful than restful? Does that old Hollywood style strip light over your vanity shine light on more problems than solutions? Are remodel costs scarier than your grandma’s fuzzy toilet seat cover? Most pros agree that bathroom remodels, while often necessary, rarely increase the value of your home by the total investment made. That … Read More

Preventative Plumbing for Your Shower and Bath

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Shell Beach Plumbing Bath and Shower pro tips

Autumn is officially here and you better believe the best plumbers in Shell Beach are not about to FALL down on the job of providing you with seasonal yet practical plumbing tips! As our pros always say after a grueling shower drain cleaning, the best maintenance is always preventative maintenance. With this motto in mind, our Shell Beach plumbers are … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbers: Tap Water Woes? We’ve Got Solutions.

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Pitcher of Water-

Facing tap water woes in your home? Not to fear, the best plumbers in Shell Beach are here to reveal the home plumbing facts and solutions you need to know. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 85% of the United States population gets their water from municipal systems. Municipal water often comes from surface sources like lakes and rivers, … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbers: Top Winter Plumbing Tips

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Frozen water tap

Your reliable Shell Beach plumbing pros at Griffin are here to make sure you and your home are prepared for the chilly months to come! The holidays always arrive more quickly than you expect, so let’s unwrap what you need to know: Repair Leaks Now Now is the time to repair any leaks in your faucets and pipes, big or … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbing: Why Plumbing Matters

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Why Plumbing matters- Bathroom

Griffin’s trusted Shell Beach plumbers understand the importance of plumbing. Plumbing not only allows the miracle and convenience of clean, fresh water – it also harnesses an essential resource to benefit our everyday health and wellness! In short, the power of plumbing is real and not to be taken for granted. Did you know, manufacturing innovations in plumbing have drastically … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbing: Handy Tools for Homeowners

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Shell Beach Plumbing: Handy Tools For Homeowners

Our Shell Beach plumbing pros want you to know that it never hurts to be prepared! When plumbing issues arise, you know to call Griffin Plumbing. Live in a home long enough and you’ll eventually have to deal with maintenance issues. For common repairs around the house, it can be helpful for homeowners to keep a practical set of tools … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbers: Why Do My Drains Keep Clogging?

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Do your drains keep clogging? Not to fear – the best plumbers in Shell Beach are here to help you get to the root of the problem! While clogged drains and blocked pipes might seem like a minor issue at first, they can easily escalate into major plumbing challenges. A clogged drain will cause slow water drainage, flooding, corrosion, and in … Read More