Griffin’s Rooter Service Saves the Day with $97 Drain Cleaning Special

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Is your plumbing feeling overwhelmed, too?

More people at home. More handwashing. More flushing. More cleaning. More laundry. More dishwashing.

You don’t need to add clogged plumbing and unsanitary, home-damaging overflows to the list.

As essential service providers, plumbers recognize the importance of keeping your family safe by maintaining the frontline of your home’s sanitation defense system—your plumbing!

Keep Your Small Problem Small.

Clogged pipes can lead to overflows inside or under your home. Overflows can lead to replacing flooring, repairing walls or intense cleanups. You can limit expenses and calls to home repair companies by taking care of drain issues as soon as you notice them.

Feel at Ease.

If you’re uncomfortable having someone into your home, our plumbers understand. They have homes and families, too. That’s why special training and safety measures are taken to protect your home and family.

Save Some Money When Griffin Saves the Day.

This drain special provides our popular clog-clearing drain cabling technique to clear your clogged drain for only $97—with no service fee!

*Some restrictions apply, so please see our Terms & Conditions or call us at 805-934-1949 for details.