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Our Orcutt plumbers can help determine if the clog is major or minor. They know that a complete blockage causes the toilet to overflow, while a minor clog leads to sluggish flushing. While you can try to unclog the toilet using a plunger or auger, you should call our Orcutt plumber crew if you suspect a complete blockage. Sluggish flushing is not always due to a clog. Mineral deposits can clog flushing holes located under the toilet bowl rim. This is common problem in homes with hard water. Orcutt plumbers can determine if the clog is due to these deposits.

Our Plumbers In Orcutt Can Determine The Exact Cause And Fix It Promptly

Slow flushing toilets may also be due to waste blocking the siphon hole, which is located on the opposite side of the toilet’s drain opening. Orcutt plumbers can determine the exact cause and fix it promptly. If you do attempt to unclog the toilet yourself with a plunger or an auger unsuccessfully, the blockage may be further into the pipes. Any job dealing with a blocked drainage system should be handled by our plumbers in Orcutt. This job requires the expertise and special tools that only our professionally trained Orcutt plumber has.

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When the toilet works sluggishly or attempts to overflow, remove the top of the tank and close the flush valve by hand. After preventing a mess, call our Orcutt plumbing professionals to come out and inspect the toilet. A plumber in Orcutt understands the workings of the toilet and can quickly determine the problem.

Call An Emergency Plumber In Orcutt If You Have One

A clogged or sluggish toilet is something that should be fixed right away. If the clog occurs after hours, call an emergency plumber in Orcutt. Do not attempt to unclog the toilet using chemical drain cleaners. These can do more harm than good. If you have no plumbing experience, it is best to call Orcutt plumbing professionals to come out and do the job.

Hire Our Plumbing Company In Orcutt: We Have The Experience And The Tools

A plumbing company in Orcutt has the experience and tools needed to quickly unclog a toilet, sink, or handle other plumbing needs. Clogs, leaks and other plumbing problems should be addressed quickly to avoid bigger problems later. So call our Orcutt plumbers today.