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Do you love being a home owner? Are you proud of the castle that you have claimed as your own? Are you thankful you’re not living in the medieval period with foul-smelling moats and creaking drawbridges? Well, you may end up with a moat if you choose not to put a little effort into maintaining your home’s plumbing system. But, if you prefer to stay in the modern world with all of the conveniences you have become accustomed to, like clean running water and working indoor toilets you may want to take a proactive approach by investing in plumbing preventative maintenance. That’s why Griffin Plumbing is proud to offer our Santa Maria, Orcutt, and Central Coast customers the “Griffin Guardian” plumbing maintenance plan to keep your home firmly in the present and to offer protection from problems in the future.

How Maintenance Plans Work

Our team of skilled certified plumbers will come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection of all of your plumbing, inside and out. This inspection will help identify any immediate concerns in your current plumbing system. Next, our team will talk with you about maintaining the health of your pipes. Yes, your pipes must be maintained to ensure that they stay healthy. Putting the wrong products and materials down the kitchen sink, like grease from last night’s dinner, can create serious problems for your plumbing system and eventually lead to corrosion and clogs, not to mention burst pipes. With a plumbing maintenance plan, any issues identified will be corrected and warrantied. After the work is complete, your system will then receive a yearly inspection to ensure that the repairs are holding up and that no new damage has occurred.

Invest Now and Save Later

A major repair to your plumbing system can be very expensive. The best way to combat that expense is to invest in an affordable preventative plumbing maintenance plan. By making small routine repairs over time you can absolutely prevent major repairs from occurring—and save yourself some serious cash! And, a great perk with our Griffin Guardian plans is that all of our participants receive discounts on repairs in addition to priority placement. That means you pay less for your repairs and have no delays for your services; you go to the front of the line every time!

Back to the Future

Don’t find yourself trapped in your castle with sewage backed up around you. A preventative plumbing maintenance plan will keep your home’s system in working order and keep you in control of when and where your water runs.

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