Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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Plumbing Preventative Maintenance For Fall - Griffin Plumbing

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips For Fall – From Your “5 Star” Santa Maria Plumbers

It seems like autumn sneaks up on us every year. Everyone has been enjoying the summer sunshine and relaxed schedules, and then, all of a sudden, the kids are back to school, the leaves are starting to fall, and your schedule is busier than ever. Don’t let plumbing issues haunt you this fall or winter. Use these helpful plumbing preventative maintenance hints from Griffin Plumbing to help tame your autumn “To Do” list!

Start Outside

Much of your fall cleanup involves prepping the outside of your home, and that starts at the outside faucets. If you won’t be using them until spring, make sure the valves are shut off, preventing water flow to these faucets. After the water has been shut off, it is a good time to replace any faucets that have been leaking (or make a note to replace them before you turn the valve back on in the spring.)

Once your water is shut off, be sure to detach your garden hoses and bring them inside for storage. Letting them sit outside can cause them to crack; and even worse, leaving them attached to the faucet all winter can cause your pipes to burst if temperatures drop. Another handy tip is to purchase a cover for your outside faucets. These covers generally consist of expanded foam, and can be purchased as part of a faucet insulation kit at major hardware retailers.

Next, move to your gutters. Clear your gutters and downspouts of debris to allow them to drain properly. Improper drainage can result in water damage to your siding, foundation, windows, and much more. It can also reduce the efficiency of your home at keeping the cold air and water outside.

Work Your Way Around and Under the House

Check for pipes in your garage, exterior walls, and in your crawl space. These pipes have the most risk of freezing. When pipes freeze as a result of being exposed to extreme cold, they not only stop moving water, but they also have the risk of bursting.

To prevent this, it is recommended that you have all of your exposed pipes professionally insulated to protect them from the elements. If you choose to not have your pipes professionally insulated, you can opt to wrap the pipes with heat tape, which is better than leaving the pipes exposed altogether.

Don’t Let Your Home’s Plumbing Scare You!

Water heaters and softeners should be serviced every couple of years at a minimum. If you are basking in chilly showers lately, or feel like your skin is growing scales, it is probably time to have these units serviced. And while the cost of replacing these units can be a little frightening, plumbing preventative maintenance can be a saving grace to your wallet for years to come!

For more ways to accomplish your fall cleanup and take the scariness out of the season, all us at 934-1949 today!


Note: These plumbing preventative maintenance tips are intended for homes that will be inhabited throughout the winter months. Many additional steps should be taken to winterize vacation properties that will be left unattended for weeks or months at a time. Seek professional help for winterizing such properties.