Prepare Your Plumbing For Winter

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Griffin Plumbing - Plumbing preventative maintenance tips for winter holidays and beyond

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips For Winter: Your Santa Maria Plumbers Help You Prepare For The Holidays And Beyond

Winter is a busy time of year, full of holiday celebrations, quality time with family, and the preparation of big meals. Although you probably do not think about it much, Griffin Plumbing reminds Central Coast families that winter is also a time for putting a lot of wear and tear on our home plumbing systems.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to embrace the joy and fun of this season, but we do come bearing much-needed gifts this year! From our wise men to yours, here are some helpful plumbing preventative maintenance tips to prepare your plumbing for winter and all of your holiday guests!

Prep the Kitchen before the Turkey

Never pour cooking oil or grease down the kitchen sink. This is a surefire way to clog your pipes, slow your drains, and have a big mess on your hands. Instead, pour grease into a disposable heat-safe container and allow it to cool before throwing it in the trash.

Don’t cheat on your garbage disposal diet. Just like you should resist the urge to eat every last bite of your sweet treats, the same goes for your disposal, though its diet is a bit different than yours. Avoid putting anything sharp, grainy or tough down the disposal. This includes meats, orange or banana peels, pumpkin pulp or seeds, and extra tough veggies like whole carrots, celery stalks or potatoes.

Other disposal tricks include running cold water before, during, and after using the disposal to help flush the line. And to support a clean and stink-free disposal, also try feeding a chopped-up lemon to your disposal at least once a month.

Strategic Planning for Your Bathroom

If you are hosting a bunch of guests this holiday season, your water heater, shower heads and drains, and toilets will all be getting a lot of extra use. Here are a few ways to plan ahead:

Check your shower drains before your guests arrive. Treat slow-moving drains before your influx of guests completely overloads them. Also, replace missing or worn out drain covers to help prevent hair and soap sludge from collecting in your pipes.

Consider a shower schedule. This way everyone can enjoy a hot shower without burning out your water heater. Generally, 10 to 15 minutes between each shower is enough time for your water heater to reload.

Assess your showerheads. If you see corrosion inside your showerheads or notice that the water flow is not as strong as it used to be, try cleaning them with a calcium and lime remover. If this is unsuccessful, it may be time to replace your showerheads completely.

Inspect Your Pipes

A perk of being a homeowner in Santa Maria is minimal risk of freezing pipes, but that does not mean that it is impossible. Especially if you are about to embark on your first winter in a new home, we strongly recommend that you have your plumbing inspected to check for leaks, cracks, drainage issues or failed insulation on your pipes. Addressing these issues with a little plumbing preventative maintenance before the weather gets a chance to turn too cold can save you a lot of time and money this winter and keep your holiday plans on schedule.

Choose Griffin Plumbing for all of your plumbing preventative maintenance needs this winter, and let us help keep your holidays and beyond full of cheer. Call us at 805-934-1949 today!