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Avoid Plumbing Nightmares With Preventative Maintenance From Griffin Plumbing

Let Griffin Plumbing, Your Santa Maria & Central Coast Plumbers Show You How Proper Preventative Maintenance Can Avoid Plumbing Nightmares

Do you ever look back on a time in your life when someone tried to warn you about the road ahead and you didn’t listen? Everyone knows somebody who did not take the good advice they received and regretted it later. Maybe it was in reference to your career, maybe it was an investment opportunity — maybe it was your love life!

Either way though, few missed opportunities can hurt your wallet or your pride as much as emergency plumbing work that could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance in the first place.

Let us use the case of Jane as an example:

Jane became a client of Griffin Plumbing in February 2013 when she bought her new home. Our team of experienced plumbers installed the plumbing for Jane’s newly remodeled master bathroom. Part of the installation included a full inspection of her plumbing system. Our plumbers found that some of the old plumbing that serviced Jane’s kitchen had been compromised as it aged. Jane was shown the problem and offered an estimate to repair the old pipes. We also offered her a new client preventative maintenance plan which includes priority work order requests and discounts on repairs. Jane acknowledged the condition of the pipes but chose not to take us up on the offer to make the preventative repairs.

Help! Help!

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? Well, Jane hadn’t but she became very familiar with it about six months after we first met her. One day Jane found herself standing in the middle of a lake… which happened to also be her kitchen and dining room. The old kitchen pipes gave way and burst inside of her kitchen walls. Not only did Jane find herself replacing all of the old pipes, but she also had to replace her floors, drywall, kitchen cabinets, and appliances only after all of the water was removed and the house was dry. When it was all said and done Jane had over $15,000 in repairs from flood damage. All of this could have been avoided for less than $400 had she allowed us to make the recommended preventative maintenance repairs six months earlier.

Lessons Learned

Jane learned a valuable and expensive lesson about heeding the advice of her plumber. Preventative maintenance does exactly what it says, it prevents disasters like Jane’s kitchen-lake by correcting the small issues before they become big, expensive emergencies. The team at Griffin has your best interest at heart and is here to keep your home — and checkbook — safe from Murphy’s Law.

For more information on the Griffin Guardian Plan or to schedule a little preventative maintenance for your plumbing, call us at 805-934-1949 today!