Water Conservation And Energy Tips For Greener Living

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Griffin Plumbing of Santa Maria - Energy & Water Conservation Tips

Your “5 Star” Plumbers Serving Santa Maria, Orcutt & the Central Coast Show You How Easy Water Conservation And Energy Efficiency Can Be!

We all need to do our part in protecting the environment, but many people really do not know where to start. Griffin Plumbing is committed to helping Santa Maria, Orcutt and the entire Central Coast improve their “green living” through water conservation and energy efficiency. Here are some easy ways that your household can go green for a better environment (while also saving money!) without sacrificing convenience.

Water Is Falling from the Sky

A great way to save yourself some serious cash on your water bill, while also cutting down your metered water usage and keeping your plants and lawn healthier than ever, is to reuse rain water. An easy way to do this is by placing rain barrels in your yard underneath a downspout from your gutters, or any place where you have a large downpour of rain from a roof or tree line. This water can then be used for lawn irrigation, gardening, or even washing your car.

Another great way to repurpose rain water is by investing in a rain collection and filtration system. While this can be a pricey purchase up front, the system generally pays for itself within the first two years, or sooner if you have a larger family and therefore use a greater amount of water in your home. This filtered rain water can be routed through your plumbing system and safely used for toilets, laundry, and gardening.

Green Toilets Are Good to Go

Did you know that your toilet is the most water-consuming and wasting item in your home? Well, now it doesn’t have to be. A trend that has actually been very popular in Europe for some time has now surged in the US, and is available right here in California – the water-efficient toilet. These toilets can be found in various styles and brands and can work a few different ways.

First, there is the basic water-efficient toilet which is designed to use 50% less water with each flush. It can run like a traditional flushing system or you can get a dual-swirl unit that forces the water around the bowl, so you get less water usage while still having less clean up.

Another green toileting option available from your Santa Maria plumbers is the new sensor-driven alternative. Not only do you get hands-free flushing, but sensors within the bowl actually detect how much solid or liquid waste is present and then determine how much water is necessary to flush away the evidence. This allows you to use the amount of water you need without the waste caused by repeated flushing.

Water and Energy-Efficient Appliances

A great new trend among the leading manufacturers is green appliances, including clothes washers, dishwashers and water heaters. These products are designed to save you money on water and electricity by running with high efficiency through the use of sensors, heat versus forced air settings, and even timers. You still get the results you want, clean laundry, sparkling dishes, and hot water on demand, but with the extra perk of more affordable utility bills and the knowledge that you are helping the environment.

A Better Environment for a Beautiful Tomorrow

Griffin Plumbing supports you in doing your part for the environment through water conservation and greater energy efficiency. Use our helpful tips to increase your “green living” and let’s build a better environment for a beautiful tomorrow!

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