Water Pressure Problems? Here’s How To Fix Them!

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At Griffin Plumbing, we understand that water pressure is really not something you give too much thought to on a daily basis—that is, until it is either so low that you can hardly wash your hands, or so high you feel like you are about to get blasted away. A normal water pressure reading generally ranges from 50 to 75 psi. If you think that your pressure is too low or too high, you may have one of the following issues on your hands.

Low Pressure Issues

If your entire home has low water pressure, you likely have one of these common problems: a partially closed valve, a worn out mainline filter, a failed pressure release valve or backflow meter, corroded pipes (common in old galvanized pipes), or low municipal water flow.

So how do you know which is to blame? Well, first check that the main water shut-off valve for your home is completely open. If this is even slightly turned towards the closed position, it can drastically affect your water flow. Another major cause of whole-house water pressure loss is a worn out mainline filter. This tends to be the most common cause of pressure loss for homes that have well water, so it is definitely a great place to start.

Next, check your pressure reducing valve. This valve has a hex head nut. Turn it counter-clockwise and see if this increases your water pressure. If you are not comfortable checking this valve yourself, or if you notice corrosion on the valve, it is recommended that you call a plumber to assess the situation.

Still not sure what the problem is? If you have old (20+ years) galvanized or steel pipes, it may be time to change them out. This can be a costly and labor-intensive task, and should be left to certified plumbers.

High Pressure Problems

The first question to be answered is, does your home have a built-in fire prevention sprinkler? If the answer is yes, take a look at your sprinkler system for a pressure release valve.

If your home does not have a sprinkler system, you can skip this step and start looking at other scenarios. High water pressure generally starts at your main water supply, whether it comes from the street or from a well. Most homes are equipped with a pressure regulator to control the force of the water as it comes into your home system. If you are experiencing high pressure, it is best to check that your regulator is still in working order. If your system does not have a regulator installed, you may need to contact your local water company to have them check the city water lines and determine what has changed.

Regardless of the cause, high water pressure should be addressed in a timely matter, as it can create a large amount of wear and tear on your pipes and fixtures and compromise the integrity of your plumbing system.

No Pressure Fixes

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