Why Trenchless Sewer Repair?

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Trenchless sewer repair

Griffin Plumbing’s friendly trenchless sewer repair experts are prepared to solve your plumbing woes and provide you with peace of mind. Today our plumbing pros are outlining the very best benefits of trenchless sewer repair: Avoid major property destruction No more mess! With trenchless sewer repair, you don’t need to destroy your home’s outdoor space by digging holes in order to replace all … Read More

5 Plumbing Myths to Stop Believing in 2020

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1. You can sharpen the blades on your garbage disposal with eggshells or ice cubes. Here’s a news flash. Your garbage disposal doesn’t actually have blades! Unlike a blender, a garbage disposal (aka garbage disposer) grinds food. Impellers mounted on a spinning plate work with centrifugal force to force food against a stationary grind ring. Then running water is used … Read More