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Why Water Filtration?

Unfortunately, the majority of tap and well water across the United States contains moderate to heavy levels of contamination due to both environmental and industrial pollution. Eliminate chlorine and hazardous contaminants like man-made chemicals, pesticides, and storm water runoff, from your water supply. Many clients have found that their whole-home filtration systems alleviate allergies too. Beyond the practical health benefits, a water filtration system will produce water that is not only safer, but tastes better too.

At Griffin Plumbing, we believe that everyone deserves affordable clean drinking water. Eliminate health worries caused by contaminants and minerals with a water filtration system that delivers the high-quality water you want in your home or business.

Water Quality 101

Not sure what’s in your water in your own home? Griffin Plumbing is here to help. Our experienced water treatment specialists will determine whether or not your current plumbing system is putting your family at unnecessary risk.

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Griffin Plumbing is proud to be an authorized
dealer of Puronics Filtration Systems

Griffin also offers a salt delivery service for folks who purchase a water softener/conditioner in our effort to provide truly hassle-free water treatment solutions.

Learn More About Water Treatment

Water Filtration Guide - Griffin Plumbing, Home Water Filtration & Treatment

Water Filtration Guide

It’s not very comforting when you realize that these days the water coming out of your home’s faucets may not be all that healthy for you. A majority of tap...

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