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Keeping Your Commercial Water Heaters in Top Shape

Water Heater Woes? Call in the Pros. Hot water is easy to take for granted – until your commercial building doesn’t have access to it. The water heater authorities at Griffin Plumbing know how to help when you need it most. Our experienced technicians are experts at repairing and installing commercial water heaters. Whether your current water heater just can’t make the cut or it just bit the dust, a quick visit from a Griffin technician will have your plumbing hot to trot in no time.

Specializing in Bradford-White water heaters (tank and tankless) and commercial boilers, our brand of choice here at Griffin, they are the last to be fully assembled in the United States. In our decades of plumbing experience, they’ve proven to offer the most dependable performance on the market, saving you and your business money in the long run.

Commercial Water Heaters: Conventional vs. Tankless

There are two primary choices for commercial water heaters, starting with the conventional water heater that stores water in a tank. This durable option can potentially last over a decade. However, Griffin water heater experts want you to know there is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly option – the tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficiency because they only heat water as needed. Once the tap is turned on, gas works to supply the hot water. This type of water heater also has a higher life expectancy of 15-20 years. A tankless water heater can also reduce your water-heating bill by nearly 30%.

Griffin Plumbing: Your Water Heater Specialists

The plumbing professionals at Griffin are here to solve your water heater woes and provide you with peace of mind. From twice-a-week training seminars for all of our technicians to prompt emergency service, our dedication to sharing the best possible service isn’t about going the extra mile, it’s simply the Griffin way. When your commercial water heater is in need of repair or replacement, our dependable experts are at your service – (805) 934-1949.

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