How to Keep Roots From Clogging Your Sewer Line

Roots in sewerline

Invasive tree roots got you down? You’re not the only one on the Central Coast. With sprawling oaks across across the area, many homes struggle with tree root damage to sewer lines. Why does this happen? What can be done to prevent it? Our Arroyo Grande plumbers are here to explain everything you need to know about pesky tree root clogs.

What are root clogs?

Tree root clogs occur when roots grow into sewer pipes and drains, causing them to backup. In most cities on the Central Coast, half of tree root damage occurs on private lateral sewer pipes, which are the owner’s responsibility to keep in good condition. Once these pipes connect to the main city line, it’s your city’s responsibility to address issues. Property owners are required to inspect, maintain, and repair lateral sewer pipes to reduce sewer overflows caused by clogs.

Why are tree roots attracted to drains?

Sewers and pipes carry water and liquids, and are damp spaces. Tree roots grow towards water vapor, and are attracted to cracks where it escapes. This means they grow into pipes, causing them to break and crack even more. Once inside of your drains, roots continue to expand, filling your pipe. They cause clogs by becoming matted with grease and debris, leading to plumbing nightmares: think waste backing up and coming out of your appliances! Yikes!

What are signs I have tree root damage?

Slow flowing drains, unusual gurgling sounds from your toilet, and leaks around your washing machine floor drains are all red flags that something is up with your pipes. Don’t delay, give our friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers if you suspect something might be wrong. Sewer line damage is expensive and time consuming, and it’s best to avoid mayhem by addressing the small signs early.

What can I do to prevent tree root damage?

One of the best ways to prevent tree root damage is to create a barrier. You can use either metal or wood, and install the blanks 6 to 12 inches deeper than your pipe, running vertically next to you sewer lines. If barrier installation isn’t an option, simply monitoring warning signs and getting regular maintenance and inspection checks from our trusted Arroyo Grande plumbers is a great form of prevention.

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