Nipomo Plumbing: Secret Kitchen Leaks

Secret Kitchen Leaks

The best plumbers in Nipomo are here to talk leaks! Dishwashers and sinks aren’t always to blame when it comes to kitchen leaks. The culprit could very well be your refrigerator (yes, even if your refrigerator doesn’t have a water dispenser or ice maker). The most important thing you need to know? A leaky refrigerator is not something to ignore. A puddle of water inside or underneath your appliance spells trouble and requires immediate attention. Read on to learn more:

Defrost Drain 101

The most common cause of a fridge leak? A blocked defrost drain. That’s because it’s a small drain opening which can easily be blocked by ice or food particles. When the drain opening becomes blocked it prevents water that’s accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining into the pan. Hello, puddle causing water build up. When you spot a puddle, call Griffin’s Nipomo plumbing experts straight away.

Water Filter Woes

If your water filter was improperly installed or the wrong size model for your fridge, it’s going to cause problems. So will a poor connection between your water filter and the water supply. In either of those cases, you could be living in leak city. Not to fear, Griffin’s Nipomo plumbing experts are here! Our leak repair pros will examine the water filter and determine where water happens to be escaping. Then we’ll fix it or be sure to order you a proper replacement that’s the appropriate size and model for your unique fridge.

Ice, Ice, Baby

If your ice maker supply line is dripping, we’ll most likely need to tighten the connectors, replace them, or resolve a water line issue. That’s because water line connections to ice makers can come loose over the years as their seals crack. One more word to the wise, drain pans can also crack. The good thing is, if we discover a damaged drain pan, there’s no need to replace your fridge. We’ll simply replace your drain pan.

Suspect a plumbing leak? Don’t let it secretly build up and create mold behind your fridge. Call Griffin Plumbing and resolve the issue before it causes substantial damage to your home. Our friendly Nipomo plumbers are available at 1-805-934-1949.

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