We know that even a simple plumbing problem can bring your life to a grinding halt. That's why it's our goal to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s a basic clogged drain that refuses to go away or a serious emergency, Griffin Plumbing, Inc. is ready to assist you. And because client satisfaction is our number one priority, you can be sure that once we leave, your problem will be completely solved.

Residential Repair

Griffin’s team of experts is always ready to provide fast, friendly and reliable plumbing services for everything from routine leaks and drips, to more intensive problems like pipe, fixture and drain repair and comprehensive pipe restoration. Whether it's a leaky faucet or a full-scale flood, we'll have your home's plumbing back in action in no time.

Residential Remodels

Whether your remodel involves a complete re-piping or just adding a few new fixtures in that new master bathroom you’ve always wanted, Griffin is always standing at the ready. With the most qualified plumbing technicians in Santa Maria and the entire Central Coast, Griffin Plumbing can quickly tackle any job, keeping your project stress-free and on-schedule while delivering unmatched results.

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can be a real pain, but waiting on a plumber can be even worse. You can count on Griffin whenever you need us and our prompt service won’t keep you waiting. Based in Santa Maria we have trucks serving the entire Central Coast with fast, reliable service. From unclogging even the most stubborn drains, to recommending a custom maintenance schedule and providing tips to keep your drains flowing freely, we’re experts at solving any and all types of drain and sewer line problems.

Leak Detection & Repairs

Even a relatively minor leak can result in thousands of gallons of wasted water, driving up your water bill and wasting a valuable resource. While a dripping faucet is easily diagnosed, some water leaks, like a cracked service or drain line or may go undetected for years. That’s why at Griffin Plumbing our commitment to quality service means making sure your problems are solved with the right fix, the first time—every time.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and decades of know-how to diagnose and pinpoint all types of leaks, Griffin experts are trained in the least invasive repair techniques to make sure every plumbing leak is repaired as quickly and pain-free as possible.

Service Line Replacement

A water, gas or sewer service line in need of replacement or repair can be a major nuisance, but at Griffin, we make sure it’s only a minor operation. From our video inspection tools to our Nu Flow trenchless repair technology, we’re able to minimize repair times and damage to your property all while delivering a more affordable solution. From Orcutt to Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo, we’re well-versed on all local codes and regulations and maintain close relationships with local water district officials to ensure a headache-free replacement process.

Water Heaters

Water Heater Woes? Call in the Pros. Around here at Griffin Plumbing, we think that a cold shower is one too many. Whether your current water heater just can’t make the cut or it just bit the dust, a quick visit from a Griffin technician will have your plumbing hot to trot in no time.

Specializing in Bradford-White water heaters, Griffin plumbing’s product of choice, they are the last water heaters to be fully assembled in the United States and in our decades of plumbing experience, offer the most dependable performance on the market, tank or tankless.

Water Treatment

Griffin Plumbing is proud to be an authorized dealer of:

• Puronics Filtration Systems
• Goodspring Water Softeners and Conditioners
• Micromax Reverse Osmosis Systems

Griffin also offers a salt delivery service for clients who purchase a water softener/conditioner in our effort to provide truly hassle-free water treatment solutions.

Certified Backflow Testing & Repairs

Essential to keeping our drinking water supply safe from contamination, backflow assembly valves protect our water systems from cross contamination. Most local codes, including those in Santa Maria, require annual inspection to ensure proper operation and to keep your property in compliance with the local code. Set up a backflow testing appointment today with one of our certified technicians in order to avoid fines and potential water cut-off by your local authorities.

A Griffin backflow expert can also inspect your plumbing system to verify that your property is equipped with proper backflow devices that will insure worry-free operation well into the future.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Gone are the days when repairing or replacing a sewer line required the entire pipe to be dug up. Now, thanks to our Nu Flow trenchless pipe repair technology, even the hardest fixes don't require breaking ground—or destroying your driveway or excavating in the middle of your home or office. Using existing access, Griffin technicians install a corrosion-resistant epoxy liner—creating a brand-new pipe inside of the damaged one without leaving so much as a trace. Even better, it won’t break the bank, saving both time and money over traditional repair techniques.


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