Santa Maria Water Heaters

At Griffin Plumbing, Inc., our Santa Maria water heater repair professionals know that water heaters are essentially large storage tanks with temperature controls. They have gas or electric heating elements and tanks lined with plastic or porcelain to prevent rust. Santa Maria water heaters also have a sacrificial anode in the tank that corrodes over time to keep any exposed steel on the heater from rusting. However, if the anode is not in place or is not working properly, you may need to opt for water heater replacement in Santa Maria.

The Problems That Require Water Heater Repair In Santa Maria

Electric and gas units often require different types of water heater repair in Santa Maria. Some common problems that arise with water heaters include not heating the water, dirt water, or strange noises. These can be due to faulty components or sediment in the tank. Our repair professionals can determine the cause and begin repairs right away. Sometimes the water heater does produce hot water, but it just is not enough. This may something as simple as the thermostat is set too low, or on a gas unit, a blocked flue. Our experts at water heater repair in Santa Maria know how to troubleshoot both electric and gas water heaters to quickly solve the problem.

Our Team At Santa Maria Water Heater Repair Are Professionals

Electrical water heater repair in Santa Maria often consists of replacing faulty thermostats, changing faulty heating elements, and cleaning encrusted scale from heating elements. If the water is not heating as it should, a professional in Santa Maria water heater repair can diagnose the problem. Gas water heaters often need repair for if the pilot light is blocked, the unit has a faulty thermocouple, or if the burner shut down. Our Santa Maria water heater repair professionals can troubleshoot gas water heaters and safely repair them.

We Can Help If You Need Water Heater Replacement In Santa Maria

Our professionals can also determine if its more economical to have water heater replacement in Santa Maria, instead of repairs. If the water heater is leaking, it may be due to rust in the tank, which means it is time for us install a new water heater. Any time rust builds up in the tank, the water heater will continue to leak. The only way to stop the leak is Santa Maria water heater replacement. Our professionals can help you determine which type of replacement water heater you need for your size and hot water needs. We may also recommend Santa Maria water heater replacement if the gas or electric water heater has been serviced, but continues to work improperly.