Grover Beach Plumbers: Plumbing Myths

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Grover Beach Plumbing Sunseat

The best plumbers in Grover Beach are here to share facts you need to know behind common plumbing myths! Here we go… Lemons can clean garbage disposals. NOT QUITE. While running a lemon down the garbage disposal will improve the smell of your kitchen sink, it won’t actually disinfect or clean the garbage disposal itself. The best way to clean your … Read More

Pismo Plumbers: 5 Earth-Friendly Plumbing Tips

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Pismo Beach plumbing pros earth friendly plumbing tips

There are many simple ways Griffin’s Pismo plumbers can help you ‘go green’ with earth-friendly plumbing in your own home! In the process you’ll save water and pay less in monthly utilities. Today our Pismo 24-hour plumbers are outlining simple ways to save: Faucets Eco-friendly faucets are a simple way to reduce everyday water consumption. New models offer the water … Read More

Lompoc Plumbing: 9 Interesting Plumbing Facts

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Lompoc Plumbing 9 interesting Plumbing Facts

Griffin’s Lompoc local plumbers are at your service when you need it most. They also happen to have more than a few interesting plumbing facts up their sleeve. From water wise statistics to funny historical tidbits – read on for seven fast plumbing facts below: John Harrington invented the flushing toilet in 1596, which is why it is often called … Read More