5 Bathroom Upgrades Worth the Money


The kitchen may get all the attention when it comes to home upgrades, but if the bathroom is a secondary thought, you might really regret it. The bathroom should be one of the most functional rooms in the house, and getting it right the first time can make all the difference in the enjoyment and utility of that room for years to come.

Bathroom renovations can also be pricy, so it’s crucial to make the right choices to ensure you get the most for your money. So whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or making plans for a new build, our Atascadero plumbers have come up with a list of six bathroom upgrades that are most worth the money.

Tile Alternatives

Here’s the thing with tile, if you don’t love it, leave it out. It’s a pain to clean and it’s even harder to replace. Alternatives are endless, and can even have the look of tile. Shower wall panels made from PVC material can look exactly like quality tiles except they come without the joins. They feature different styles and finishes and offer a wide range of tile-like effects. Flooring and countertops are other areas where there are myriad alternatives to tile that can even be more stylish. Consider concrete, stone, wood, or stainless steel for your bathroom surfaces.

Extra Storage

Always opt for additional storage when you can. Bathroom storage may not be the fanciest upgrade, but it will make huge improvements in the usefulness of your bathroom. Extra cabinets, built-in shelving, and organizers cut out the clutter and make it easy to keep everything you need organized.

Upgrade Lighting

When you think of bathroom lighting, the days of a few boring fixtures over the mirror are over. Think about a high-end spa, the lighting can make all the difference. Color light therapy, dimmers, and, of course, energy-efficient LED lights can really change the feel of any bathroom. Planning for can lighting during your build can also be the difference in saving for big costs down the road should you decide to add them.

Separate Tub and Shower

This might sound simple, but it could be the most functional upgrade you make to your bathroom. A standard tub/shower also just doesn’t have the wow factor. This is also an upgrade that could save you big bucks if you plan for during the initial build, especially if you design a bathroom that only has space for a shower/tub combo.

Master bathroom

If you’re planning a new build, always opt for a master bathroom; they’re one of the most desirable features for resale value. And if you don’t have one in your current home, it might be worth the cost to build one in. You won’t regret it and will probably be one of the most used rooms in the house. It might be only a bathroom, but the master bath can often be a sanctuary from the craziness of the rest of the house. Adding one in could also be one of the more expensive upgrades you could choose, but you will undoubtedly get a big return on that investment.


The biggest thing to think about when planning bathroom upgrades is functionality as style. Keeping both things in mind will not only allow you to enjoy your bathroom space while you’re living in your home but also add to the resale value when you decide to sell. As always, our professional Atascadero plumbers are ready to help with any bathroom design questions or remodels. Call Griffin Plumbing at 805-934-1949 today!

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