Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath at Home

Griffin Plumbing - Tips for Dog Washing at Home

Spring of 2020 has been a time of challenges and new experiences. For many dog owners, one of those new things has been bathing their pets at home instead of making a trip to the groomer. We asked one of our pet-loving Atascadero plumbers for tips to bathe Buster without perturbing your pipes, and also provided a link with ways to make the bathing process easier.

Good hygiene is essential for all of your family members, including those with four legs. But don’t overlook the health and safety of your plumbing, too! Hair will clog drains, so start by making sure you have a way to prevent the loose dog hair from reaching your pipes.

A device installed at the drain can do a good job of trapping hair. There are various types of hair traps. Some are perforated silicone tubes that are pushed into the tub drain and pop up, others are integral in permanent bathtub drain stoppers. There are some basket-shaped ones that sit in the drain opening, and yet others that are laid over a tub or shower drain. Alternatively, a wad of steel wool could be pushed into the drain to catch hair. If you do this, make sure enough extends above the opening of the drain to allow you to remove it easily. Whichever method you choose, be sure it works with your drain before you get Bowser or Annabelle into the bathroom.

Another way to minimize hair clogs is to remove loose hair from your pet before the bath. Brushing well, using tools recommended for your dog’s breed, is a good start. Some people have also found that simply wearing rubber gloves and giving their pet a good petting and mini-massage removes a lot of spare fur. It’s a good idea to make regular coat care part of your normal routine, like exercise and nutrition.

The bathing tips in the article found below should help the dog bath go smoothly. If you use a hand-held shower attachment, make sure it’s within reach before you get started. Pro tip (ask us how we know): If you have a playful water-loving pup, make sure they don’t get a hold of the hand-held shower! Not only could you and your whole bathroom get soaked in a scene worthy of cash on America’s Funniest Home Videos, but strong jaws and pointy teeth are not a good combination for the tubing.

When it’s time to let the dirty water out of the tub, it’s important to keep as much dog hair as possible from making it down the drain. Some people like to start by swishing a handled mesh strainer through the bathwater to scoop up any loose hair. Be prepared to clear a wad or two of hair off whatever drain trap you’ve chosen as it drains.

You will probably end up with dog hair clinging to the sides and bottom of the tub. Rather than rinse it away, grab a paper towel to wipe it out of the tub, and discard.

Now that you know how to keep the plumber away, click here for some simple bath time tricks from a pet care pro.

Good luck, have fun and give your buddy a snuggle and a belly rub from your friends at Griffin Plumbing. If you decide you’d like to continue being your pet’s personal bather, we’d be happy to install a hand-held shower attachment or help with plumbing if you decide to create a special pet bathing zone elsewhere at your home. You can contact us online or give us a call at (805) 751-7206 .

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