Why is My Plumbing Making Noise?

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Atascadero Plumbers

Tis the season for things that go bump in the night. But while it might be spooky season, you don’t want that to apply to your home’s pipes. Bumps, knocks, rattles, and other nefarious noises within the walls, floors, and basement of your house might just be your plumbing. And that could be a lot scarier than a Halloween fright. … Read More

Fall Water Heater Checklist

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Santa Maria Plumbers

There’s no better time than fall to conduct routine maintenance on your water heater. With nights getting longer and a bit of chill in the air, you’ll want to make sure that hot shower on a cold morning doesn’t turn into an icy-cold wake-up call. Inspecting your water heater is especially important if you’ve noticed the water taking longer to … Read More

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Paso Robles Plumbers

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what your kitchen garbage disposal is capable of. So, let’s break it down with our Paso Robles plumbers with a list of eight garbage disposal don’ts. The problem is in the name. If you treat your garbage disposal as a magical dispenser for, well, garbage, then odds are you’re going to … Read More

Kitchen Updates for Fall

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your San Luis Obispo Plumbers

Fall brings out the interior designer in all of us, it seems. From pumpkins to earth tones, it’s a great time of year to cozy up your house for the season – even though here in California the chilly weather is probably some time off. But don’t let that spoil the festivities, especially when it comes to “fallifying” your kitchen, … Read More

Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Fall

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Let’s face it, fall in California isn’t exactly the same as most of the country. We’re not counting down the days until stormy weather arrives, meaning your home’s plumbing, especially outdoors, won’t be put under stress for at least a few more months. But using seasons as a reminder to take care of your home’s plumbing is always a good … Read More

5 Plumbing Updates to Improve Your Home’s Value

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Shell Beach Plumbers

When it comes to adding value to your home, plumbing is a huge factor. It only makes sense; bathrooms, kitchen fixtures and appliances, and laundry facilities are the workhorses of any house. So, our friendly Shell Beach plumbers have come up with a list of plumbing updates to improve your home’s value. Update Fixtures This one is perhaps the easiest … Read More

How to Build a Plumbing Emergency Kit

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Orcutt Plumbers

It’s best to be prepared for all the emergencies life can throw at you. Just like anything else, your home’s plumbing could throw a soggy surprise your way when you least expect it. That’s why our friendly Orcutt plumbers have come up with a list of the most important items to include in a plumbing emergency kit to save you … Read More

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design

Griffin Plumbing, Inc.Your Arroyo Grande Plumbers

Growing your family and making some kid-friendly renovations to your house? Well, you don’t want to forget about the bathroom. In fact, it might be the most important part of an age-appropriate upgrade, so our friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers have come up with some ideas for kid-friendly bathroom design to help get you started. Easy Access Bathtub Adult-sized bathtubs can … Read More

Preparing Your Plumbing for Vacation

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It’s vacation season, and we know that getting ready to leave home for a lengthy period of time results in a long list of tasks to complete before you head out. Stop the newspaper (if you still get one!), make sure the neighbor picks up the mail, set the living room light on a timer so it looks like someone … Read More

5 Drain Cleaning Tips for a Clog-Free Home

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The dreaded drain clog. They can happen in the kitchen or the bathroom, shower or sink, toilet or dishwasher; bottom line, they’re a pain in the pipes. Our friendly SLO plumbers have come up with a list of drain cleaning tips to conquer those pesky clogs or – better yet – prevent them from happening in the first place. Swap … Read More