Do I Need a Water Softener in My Home?

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Most Americans are using hard water in their homes. Even if you don’t know exactly what hard water is, you are probably familiar with the bothersome effects of it. Think: scale buildup on spouts, stains in your sinks and tubs, higher utility bills, dry skin and hair and even more! Today, our plumbers in Oceano are here to give you … Read More

How to Prevent Restaurant Plumbing Emergencies

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Here at Griffin Plumbing, not only do we specialize in residential emergencies, but we also are here to save the day when it comes to commercial plumbing nightmares. Throughout the years, our emergency plumbers have acted fast in many commercial disasters that could have easily been avoided with a little bit of maintenance over the years. That’s why today our … Read More

San Luis Obispo Plumbing: Eco-friendly Plumbing Tips

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Happy Earth Day from our friendly plumbers in San Luis Obispo! In honor of this day to conserve and celebrate the environment, our San Luis Obispo plumbing pros are here to give you some ways to make your home a little greener. Adopting more sustainable practices is not only beneficial for the planet, but can also save you money and … Read More

Nipomo Plumbing: Ghost Flushing Causes and Solutions

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Have you ever been home alone, and in the middle of the night you suddenly hear…your toilet flushing? It can be a really spooky experience, and that’s why it’s called ghost flushing. No need to fear, there isn’t a plumbing phantom haunting you, but you might have a leak that if left untreated, can lead to serious damage. Today our … Read More

Grover Beach Plumbing: Washing Machine Warnings!

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If you want your washing machine to last, the best plumbers in Grover Beach have the advice you need to heed, starting with what NOT to put in your washing machine: Zippers, Hooks, and Underwire These tricky items can and will trip up your washing machine by getting caught in the drum and scratching the door. Think zip-up hoodies, bras, and … Read More

Oceano Plumbing: Benefits of Repiping Your Home This Spring

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Leaky pipes? Rusty, orange water? Water seeping through the walls? If none of these sound like a fun time to you (or if you’re already experiencing them—yikes!) it might be time to repipe. Pipes, just like most mechanical parts, have a service lifespan. After too much wear and tear, they reach their use limit. Here at Griffin we have seen … Read More

Shell Beach Plumbers: Tap Water Woes? We’ve Got Solutions.

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Facing tap water woes in your home? Not to fear, the best plumbers in Shell Beach are here to reveal the home plumbing facts and solutions you need to know. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 85% of the United States population gets their water from municipal systems. Municipal water often comes from surface sources like lakes and rivers, … Read More