5 Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

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5 Signs of a clogged sewer line- Lompoc Plumbers

When your sewer line isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. So, how do you spot a clogged sewer line? Your Lompoc plumbers share some tips. 1. Multiple Drains are Stubborn Are you noticing slow or no drainage in more than one room or fixture? You probably don’t have simultaneous clogs. Chances are much higher than the line they all connect to is … Read More

Good Shower Habits That Can Save Your Plumbing

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Griffin Plumbing - Good Shower Habits - Paso Robles, CA

 The shower is where many of us find sanitation, solitude, and a nice steamy start or end to long days. You might not give yours much attention, but you’d sure miss it if it wasn’t there to welcome you. How can you keep your shower’s plumbing functional and fantastic? Let’s ask your Paso Robles plumbers!  Watch the Hair!  Hair is … Read More

Griffin’s Rooter Service Saves the Day with $97 Drain Cleaning Special

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Is your plumbing feeling overwhelmed, too? More people at home. More handwashing. More flushing. More cleaning. More laundry. More dishwashing. You don’t need to add clogged plumbing and unsanitary, home-damaging overflows to the list. As essential service providers, plumbers recognize the importance of keeping your family safe by maintaining the frontline of your home’s sanitation defense system—your plumbing! Keep Your … Read More

Spring Cleaning Plumbing Tips

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Spring Cleaning Plumbing Tips

Whether you’re looking for a distraction from your regular spring cleaning list or hoping to save a few bucks down the road, our Spring Cleaning Plumbing Checklist is full of handy tips. Reviewing this list annually is a great way to fix small annoyances and prevent future home repairs or visits from one of our plumbers in Santa Maria. Showerhead … Read More

Is Reverse Osmosis Right For Your Home?

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Griffin Plumbing- Orcutt Plumbers is Reverse Osmosis Right For your Home

If your water looks funky, feels gunky, or smells skunky, it’s time to call the best plumbers in Orcutt. Our experienced water treatment specialists can figure out the cause, determine if your current plumbing is putting you at risk, and find the right solution for your home or commercial business. If basic water quality is an issue, there are several … Read More

Freshen Up Your Bathroom This Spring

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Freshen Up your bathroom- Spa like image with towels

Is a visit to your restroom more stressful than restful? Does that old Hollywood style strip light over your vanity shine light on more problems than solutions? Are remodel costs scarier than your grandma’s fuzzy toilet seat cover? Most pros agree that bathroom remodels, while often necessary, rarely increase the value of your home by the total investment made. That … Read More

Wipes Clog Pipes! (And So Do Other Things.)

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Griffin Plumbing- Wipes clog pipes- Sewer clogging issues

Your community needs you! During the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, your local emergency response teams are focused on providing essential services. They need your help to minimize additional public health risks. The combination of more people in homes, scarcity of toilet tissue, increased reliance on alternate paper products, and the use of more single-use cleaning wipes is causing big problems in … Read More

Low-Flow in S.L.O.

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Low-Flow Fixtures, Griffin Plumbing in SLO

As we face another abnormally dry winter, your favorite San Luis Obispo plumbers are here with some info about water-conserving plumbing fixtures. California civil code has required low-flow fixtures for over 25 years. During that time, the codes have changed further, and the performance of fixtures has improved. If your home hasn’t had its fixtures upgraded, or your improvements were … Read More

Why is My Water Heater So Noisy?

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Noisy water heater

Are you hearing popping, crackling, screeching, rumbling, clicking, ticking, sizzling or tapping from your water heater? The good news is, you don’t need to call Ghostbusters! But you may want to call your friendly Nipomo plumbers at Griffin Plumbing to make sure the noises haunting you aren’t anything that could cause scary or expensive problems in the future. Gas or … Read More