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It’s probably easy to think that turning on your kitchen tap will automatically produce clean, healthy water. But that’s not always the case these days – a majority of tap and well water across this country contains moderate to heavy levels of contamination. It’s why our helpful Santa Maria plumbers have come up with a list of reasons for water filtration and the types of systems you can install in your home.

Why Water Filtration

Like we said, removing contamination from various types of chemicals and pollutants is probably reason enough to look into water filtration.

A quality filtration system can remove chlorine, which many municipal sources add as an anti-bacterial treatment. Well, water may also contain other chemicals, such as lead and arsenic from untreated groundwater.

There are several other reasons to filter your water, including the fact that it simply tastes better when it’s not full of chemicals. Unfiltered water can also adversely affect family members with compromised immune systems or allergies.

Types of Water Filtration

The most effective and comprehensive way to filter your home’s water is with a whole-house water filtration system. The way, all of your water is free and clear of troublesome particles that tend to be present in-home water supplies, whether you are cooking, drinking, bathing, or cleaning.

If you want to just improve your drinking water, an under-counter home water filtration system installed beneath your kitchen sink could do the trick. A reverse osmosis filter, which removes specific contaminants and leaves you with great-tasting, odorless and safe water, is a popular option.

If your main concern rests in your bathroom, you may want to consider a chlorine filter showerhead or carbon filter for your faucets to absorb pollutants from your water.

Another great way to improve your water quality is by installing a water softener. A water softener essentially makes your water more slippery, which reduces the ability of any contaminants (like heavy metals or minerals) to stick to your fixtures, bath and shower walls, and even your skin. Not only do you get softer skin as a result but a water softener also reduces mineral build-ups on your fixtures, making them easier to clean.

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