2020 Plumbing Resolutions

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Santa Maria Plumbers -2020 Resolutions

Think about your last plumbing emergency. Could it have been prevented? Did it prove that hindsight really is 20/20? Luckily, 2020 is also a fresh new year, and you have time to prevent problems by looking ahead. Here are some suggestions for some plumbing resolutions from your friendly Santa Maria plumbers. Diet Your toilet is designed to accept 3 things: … Read More

Water Quality Warning Signs

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San Luis Obispo Plumbers Water Quality

Does your cup runneth over with unpleasantness? Is something waiting for you in your bathtub? Because water quality can affect your health, family, home, appliances, pets, and plants, it’s good to know what’s in there. Some indicators of poor or unsafe water quality are only found through testing, but others are easier for homeowners to detect. Our plumbers in San … Read More

Old House Plumbing Tips

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House on green lawn, Paso Robles Plumber Old House Plumbing Tips

What you don’t know can hurt your budget. Old homes can be full of vintage charm and hidden challenges. Whether considering a purchase or enjoying the home you already have, there could be plumbing issues you should be aware of. Your Paso Robles plumbers give you the lowdown on three high-dollar red flags. Lead, Galvanized, and Polybutylene Water Lines Water … Read More