Water Quality Warning Signs

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Does your cup runneth over with unpleasantness? Is something waiting for you in your bathtub? Because water quality can affect your health, family, home, appliances, pets, and plants, it’s good to know what’s in there. Some indicators of poor or unsafe water quality are only found through testing, but others are easier for homeowners to detect.

Our plumbers in San Luis Obispo are often called out when customers notice the following signs of poor water quality.


Your water should have no discernable color or sheen. If it’s showing its true colors, whether a reddish hue or rainbow shimmer, it’s time to get it checked out. High levels of iron or manganese, rust, grease or other contaminants could be the cause.

Bad Taste

It’s not just in poor taste to serve water with an off flavor, it can be dangerous. A bitter or metallic taste could be from contaminated water. Lead, iron, copper, arsenic, mercury, manganese and zinc can all add a metallic taste to your water and affect your health.

Bad Odor

It really stinks when your water smells bad! If your water has an odor, something’s not right. Whether it smells like chlorine, rotten eggs or something else, you could be at risk for irritated skin or health concerns.

Strange Colors or Deposits

Seeing something new on your faucets or fixtures? Discoloration with a greenish blue tint is risky, not trendy. High levels of copper affect more than your hardware. Your body’s organs could be prone to damage from exposure to high levels of copper. White, yellowish or grayish deposits can indicate high mineral levels, some of which can affect your health, the longevity of your appliances and clothing, and your hair and skin.

Cloudy or Murky Water

Cloudy or murky water is another sign of high mineral content or contamination. Sometimes you can even see particles in the water when you look through it. No wonder it’s leaving deposits!

Reduced Water Pressure

If your water pressure isn’t what it used to be, don’t ignore it. That can indicate buildup or rust that’s lessening flow, or a leak that’s can allow outside contaminants into your water system.

Any time you notice changes or something that’s not quite right with your water, it’s time to call your friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers. After careful inspection, we can make a recommendation for repair or treatment. Griffin Plumbing is proud to be an authorized dealer of Puronics Filtration Systems, Goodspring Water Softeners and Conditioners, and Micromax Reverse Osmosis Systems. To provide truly hassle-free water treatment solutions, we also offer a salt delivery service for clients who purchase a water softener/conditioner.

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