2022 Home Design Trends


While we’re all optimistic for a different trajectory of the news in 2022, there are some things that have become the norm over the past two years that likely are here to stay. One of those aspects of life is undoubtedly how we look at our homes as they continue to serve as our offices, gyms, restaurants, and entertainment centers for the foreseeable future.

So now as we enter a new year, it’s only fitting to take a look at 2022 home design trends – taking a plumbing-centric focus, of course – with a list put together by our friendly Buellton plumbers.

Home Bars Keeps the Fun In ‘Stay-at-Home’

We’ve all opted for more nights in than out these days, but that doesn’t mean the all the fun is lost. One trend that has picked up steam over the pandemic is the demand to install a home bar, and that trend isn’t going anywhere.

“Be it wet or dry, everyone wants a gorgeous, tricked-out bar in their homes right now,” Killy Scheer, of Scheer & Co., told Elle. “While it’s a holdover from the pandemic, I think it’s a trend that’s here to stay, and I’m not the least bit mad about it.”

Start with a, well, a bar and some barstools, and from there the options are endless. Installing a sink, fridge and shelving for displaying your top-shelf spirit collection, and you’re well on your way. Consider lighting for setting the moods, and you’ll have your very own home speakeasy.

Sustainable Practices Aren’t Going Anywhere

Sustainability isn’t exactly a new trend, but it should be more and more on our minds as we consider home design trends of the future. This is also right in our “plumbing wheelhouse” as water conservation, even despite our especially wet winter thus far, is crucial in drought-conscious California.

Home appliances are always pushing the limits of what we consider sustainable, and “green” technology continues to evolve, from smart thermostats to recycled water systems. Sustainability doesn’t mean drab these days, either. Countless companies are focused on producing bold and colorful sustainable materials that will shift our focus of what exactly it means to be “green.”

“Looking into the sustainability of everything is a must and it is really excellent that so many designers are trying to learn what the best materials are to use for the long-term health of our eco-system. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from,” Robert and Cortney Novogratz of The Shade Store told Good Housekeeping.

Multifunctional Spaces Are the New Norm

Single-use spaces have become a thing of the past as we make the most out of every nook and cranny in our homes. Kitchens are doubling as offices, living rooms are being transformed into libraries or entertainment centers and spare bedrooms are doubling as home gyms.

“Closed-concept spaces will start to be common,” interior stylist Sarah Nelson Forbes.com. “Because more people are working from home, we’re beginning to crave more visual separation in our space, and more people are looking for ways to divide or close areas of their home that were once open, sprawling spaces.”

Bult-in shelving, cabinetry, and storage spaces are crucial when you look to transform a room into a flex space.

Of course, our Buellton plumbers are always here to help when it comes to plumbing-centric design trends, and for a glimpse into kitchen-specific design trends, we explored that topic here. As always, we’re a call or click away.

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