5 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Cute Pug Pet Proof your plumbing

Attention all pet owners! Our Buellton plumbers are here today to give you a friendly reminder that you need to protect your pipes from your pets. It’s just as critical to pet-proof your home as it is to kid-proof it. Your dogs, cats, and other creatures are part of the family, and it’s important to keep them safe and out of trouble. When left to their own devices, your furry friends can cause serious damage. Here are a few easy ways to avoid potential plumbing nightmares:

Take Care of Exposed Pipes

Pets love to chew on things, so avoid a costly trip to the vet by covering up all exposed pipes and wires. If your animal bites through a pipe, the resulting burst could put them in danger and cause damage to your home. Give your home a once over to ensure that no electrical wires or pipes are within your pet’s reach. Your pet and your wallet will thank you!

Take Bath Time Outside

If you don’t already—wash your pet outdoors! Your dogs and cats are shedding machines, and the excess hair will clog your shower and sink drains. If you don’t have a hose or space outdoors to give them a rinse, then invest in a drain stopper to catch fur and grime. Nothing causes clogs more quickly then muddy matted fur.

Monitor Digging

Digging can be a lot of fun for your dogs, but if they go too far they can hit a pipe. If it bursts, it could hurt your pet and wreak havoc in your backyard. Make sure to regularly check in on your dog’s digging habits, and stop them before they go too far.

Never Flush Cat Litter or Hair

Even if the product box tells you it is flushable, never flush cat litter or any pet products down the toilet. Period.

Keep The Toilet Closed

Do you ever find your pet licking the toilet water? Aside from being unsightly, cleaning chemicals in your toilet can make them sick. Furthermore, larger pets can damage your toilet. It is best to keep fresh water out for them at all times, and make it a habit to keep the lid down.

If you find that your furry friend causes a plumbing problem and you need a Buellton plumbing company, don’t hesitate to reach out. One of our Griffin pros would be happy to help you out. Remember that at Griffin, it’s the right fix the first time, every time.

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