Buellton Plumbers: Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?


The best plumbers in Buellton are here to answer a common question, “Why are my pipes making noise?” Our leak detection and repair experts are sharing everything you need to know:

Residential plumbing systems should not normally make noise, and if you happen to hear something be sure to give us a call at (805) 934-1949 right away. However, it can help to understand why your pipes might be making strange sounds in the first place.


When it comes to noisy pipes, water hammers are often the culprit. Water hammers (also known as hydraulic shocks) strike when water is abruptly forced to change direction. This causes the pipe to vibrate, which can create rattling, screeching, or whining sounds. Unfortunately, water hammers can even trigger the pipe to collapse. Water hammers typically occur when using a water-consuming appliance like the toilet or dishwasher. As professional plumbers, we can combat this issue by installing air chambers throughout your home to ensure water is not forced to switch directions. Over time, air chambers will fill with water and become less effective. The good news is, you can count on Griffin’s Buellton plumbing experts to clear them out in no time at all.

When water is running and is then suddenly turned off, the rushing liquid has no place to go and slams against the shut-off valve. The loud, thudding sound that follows is known as a water hammer. Besides being alarming, water hammer can potentially damage joints and connections in the water pipe itself.


Copper is malleable and copper pipes tend to expand as hot water passes through and transfers some of its heat to them. Copper hot-water lines are most likely to expand in tight quarters and as they rub against your home’s joints, studs and support brackets, they will make noise. Expanding and contracting pipes may cause leaks, so consider slightly lowering the temperature setting of your hot water heater to prevent copper pipes from giving you a headache.


Another reason your pipes might be making noise? They could be wobbly! That’s right, if your pipes are not securely strapped in place, they could be shifting around. The friction created when water flows through the pipe may cause it to move, which will make a bang against the wall.


If your water pressure is too high, it could be the cause of your noisy water pipes! It’s important to know that high water pressure can also damage water-supplied appliance like your dishwasher and washing machine as well. The good news is, most modern homes happen to be equipped with a pressure regulator located where the water supply enters the house. If your home lacks a regulator, Griffin Plumbing can professionally install one for you!

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