2023 Bathroom Design Trends


Are you growing tired of the dingy old tub and outdated fixtures in your bathroom? Thinking of making a remodel a priority this year? Well, our professional Paso Robles plumbers have come up with some bathroom trends to look for in 2023 to help get you started.

Add Some Old With the New

We’ve all heard the saying, “what’s old is new again.” Well, mixing some old with the new is one of the biggest bathroom design trends of 2023. Incorporating a unique antique furniture piece or vintage-style artwork is a great way to give your bathroom that extra special feel – especially if it fits the theme of a well-collected home.

Think of pieces such as an antique vanity or a mirror housed in ornate wood carving. But it’s not just antique furniture that can set the tone. Distressed wood, or even better reclaimed wood, to go along with modern fixtures can create a layered space that has evolved over time.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Why not bring the spa to your home?

Heated floors, a walk-in shower or “wet room,” a soaking tub, or even a steam bath or sauna will add a touch of comfort and luxury. Get rid of any eyesores, and a typical bathroom can have plenty of them: drab fixtures, exposed wires, and harsh lighting are just a few examples.

Splashes of wood, plenty of fluffy towels and robes scented candles, and light dimmers – even a fireplace – all add to your bathroom’s Feng shui.

Make a Statement With Your Tub

Speaking of a spa-like atmosphere, a standalone statement bathtub will certainly do the trick. We’re seeing designers hone in on tub designs even more recently. And as new materials and designs emerge, we’re expecting the tub to be a central focus of bathroom design this year.

This isn’t the clawfoot tub of yesteryear, either. Translucent material, stone, and metal finishings create a modern take on the classic look.

Add Separations

For bathroom designs with a little more space, we’re seeing a big interest in principal bathrooms with their own separate spaces. It’s thinking that goes beyond the traditional double sink vanity and creates the ultimate retreat for two people in one space.

Separating the partners’ vanities, toilets, and closets, and meeting in the middle with a spacious shower and tub is something we’re seeing more commonly. This allows partners to be able to decide when they want to share the space together versus getting some alone time in their own corners of their personal retreat.

Utilize Colors and Textured Accents

Bathrooms are always shades of white, right? Or maybe an institutional light blue? Boring and outdated. Overall home design trends are moving toward bold colors and patterns, so why not in the bathroom, as well?

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