4 Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel


Are you finding that time spent in your home’s bathroom is a little more unpleasant than you’d like these days? It’s one of the most-used rooms in any family’s house, so you shouldn’t cringe over your surroundings every morning while you’re getting ready for work. So how do you know when it’s time for a bathroom remodel? Our friendly Santa Maria plumbers have put together a list of the signs you should look for to answer that question.

A Cramped, Non-functional Layout

This one is crucial for shared bathrooms. If the layout of your bathroom is a bit awkward to move around in, cluttered or it has limited storage areas, a remodel should be on the agenda. And you don’t have go knocking down walls to achieve a highly functional bathroom.

With a bit of thought, a bathroom can be laid out to fully optimize the available space and provide a feeling of greater luxury. Optimizing storage options is the key. Also, repositioning a few key pieces – even without changing the configuration of the plumbing – can do wonders.

Or Is It Too Small?

Sometimes needs change, and space becomes the No. 1 priority in your bathroom. And if adding some more functional storage units isn’t going to do the trick, you might just have to knock down some walls and move things around a bit.

Of course, if you’re demolishing or moving walls during your bathroom remodel, extending your home in any way or moving the configuration of your plumbing, you’ll need to talk with a pro about the permits needed before proceeding.

It’s Seen Better Days (i.e.., Leaks, Damage, Smells)

Water has a tendency to do damage over time. So, if it’s been a decade (or two) since you’ve done significant upgrades, your bathroom is probably falling apart at the seams – literally. If you’ve got leaks on the fixtures, grout and tile coming apart, and moisture gathering under the sinks, then it’s high time for a remodel.

The costs of a remodel now may actually save you money as opposed to the serious damage that could be done over time. And if you’ve got mold, or a mildewy smell, that could also mean you’re flirting with your health if the problems aren’t addressed.

It’s Outdated – Or Just Not Your Style

It all depends on how picky you want to get here. But an obvious sign your bathroom needs upgrading is if you still have the wallpaper with the little cartoon fishes on it, or maybe the tub is covered in a trendy-in-the-80s lime green tile. Or here’s a test: Are you embarrassed when company asks to use the restroom? Boom, you know it’s time.

Or maybe you were into a minimalist, drab palate a few years ago, but now you’re dying for a splash of color and texture. There’s no crime in changing things up just because. Color and lighting are some of the key things to think of when remodeling your bathroom. Here are some updated bathroom design trends to help guide your decision.

Whatever your bathroom remodeling needs are, our friendly Santa Maria plumbers are here to help. As always, we’re a call or click away.

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