2022 Bathroom Design Trends


Are you growing tired of the dingy old tub and outdated fixtures in your bathroom? Thinking of making a remodel of that room a priority in 2022? Well, it’s worth checking out bathroom design trends of the new year before you get started.

Our friendly Orcutt plumbers have devised a list of the top trends that should be prioritized in any new bathroom remodel.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

We wrote a whole blog about this, but it’s worth revisiting, especially as we utilize our homes so much more these days, and who wouldn’t want a spa in their own home?

Heated floors, a walk-in shower or “wet room,” soaking tub, or even a steam sauna will add a touch of comfort and luxury. Get rid of any eyesores, and a typical bathroom can have plenty of them: drab fixtures, exposed wires, and harsh lighting are just a few examples.

Splashes of wood, plenty of fluffy towels and robes, scented candles, and light dimmers – even a fireplace – all add to your bathroom’s Feng shui.

Bring the Outdoors in

A trend we’re seeing a lot is taking a biophilic approach to interior design (that means interacting with nature). And styling a bathroom with natural elements such as houseplants further contributes to that calming feeling of sanctuary.

Plus, the more greenery, the more air-purifying benefits you get while also promoting a sustainable approach to design. Also, utilize large windows and skylights to bring in nature’s light to the space.

Add Unique Types of Furniture

Who says a bathroom can’t have a couch or a bookshelf? Especially if you’re going for a spa-like atmosphere, bringing in various types of furniture that you wouldn’t normally think of in a bathroom will really create a space that is welcoming and Zen-like.

Create a vanity from a vintage dresser, add a tub-side table or pull in a chaise lounge or some comfy chairs for a welcoming transformation.

Combine Textures

The minimalist and monolithic toned bathrooms of the recent past are being phased out by combining colors, textures, and materials.

Bold wallpaper on the walls or even ceiling and the addition of more color and window treatments created with intricate textiles are all design trends we’re seeing.

Utilize Bold Colors and Patterns

Bathrooms are always shades of white, right? Or maybe an institutional light blue? Boring and outdated. Overall home design trends are moving toward bold colors and patterns, so why not in the bathroom, as well?

Accessing peel-and-stick wallpaper or murals has never been easier, so the options here are endless. Think about adding splashes of color not just with paint selection but a statement piece of artwork or furniture.

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