2021 Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

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A lot of us became reacquainted with our kitchens this past year as we spent the bulk of our time in our homes. Needless to say, kitchens became more than just a place to reheat leftovers or occasionally cook a meal. Suddenly we are using them nearly every day, and new design trends focusing not only on functionality but also … Read More

9 Things to Consider When Reorganizing Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a place not only where we prepare home-cooked meals but also gather around in conversation, prepare for the workday, and even share meals. So, it’s important that your kitchen is a place that lends itself to its many uses – meaning, it has to be organized and free of clutter. Our Pismo Beach plumbers have nine tips … Read More

3 Home Drain Line Warning Signs

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Griffin Plumbing - Home Drain Line Warning Signs

It’s easy to think that your home’s drain line is impervious to problems. But Griffin Plumbing is here to tell you that even though your sewer line is out of sight, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Drainlines are vulnerable to all kinds of calamities, from leaks to blockages. It could cost you big: Leaks can waste up to 90 … Read More

5 DIY Plumbing Fixes to Avoid

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Pismo Beach Plumbing 5 things not to diy

Here at Griffin Plumbing, we’re all about doing it yourself (DIY) when it comes to preventative plumbing maintenance. There are many quick fixes that will keep your pipes in top shape for years to come. However, our plumbers in Pismo Beach have come to the rescue for many DIY tries turned total plumbing nightmares. That’s why your friendly local plumbers … Read More

Money Saving Plumbing Tips

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Money Saving Plumbing Tips-Planner

Our Pismo Pros’ biggest money saving secret? Preventative plumbing. That’s right folks, the best way to avoid costly repairs and new expensive fixtures is regular maintenance. Giving your pipes some TLC every month is a surefire way to catch problems early, and keep your machines running smoothly. Here are 5 money saving plumbing tips from our Griffin plumbers down in … Read More

Pismo Beach Plumbing: Dishwasher Clogs

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Pismo Plumbers Dishwasher Clogs

We all want to be able to count on our household appliances, especially around the holidays. When dishwashers don’t perform as expected, it’s often due to annoying clogs, which can wreck havoc on your home plumbing. That’s why it helps to know what to look out for. Here are the five most common signs your dishwasher is clogged and it’s … Read More

Pismo Plumbing: Why Am I Running Out of Hot Water So Quickly?

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Pismo Plumbing: Water Heater Problems

Griffin’s Pismo plumbing experts sure understand the importance of hot water in our everyday lives. If you’ve ever experienced a lack of hot water in your home when you need it, this is the post for you! Today we’re sharing a number of factors that might be contributing to your home’s availability of hot water. TIMING IS EVERYTHING Timing affects … Read More

Pismo Beach Plumbing: How Do I Choose the Right Plumbing Fixtures?

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Pismo Beach Plumbing

Griffin’s Pismo Beach plumbing experts are all about perfecting the finishing touches in your home. The right plumbing fixtures can add polish to any bathroom, kitchen, or other renovation project. From sinks to showers, small details can make a big difference in both form and function. When choosing which plumbing fixtures are best for you, there are many important elements to consider … Read More