9 Things to Consider When Reorganizing Your Kitchen


The kitchen is a place not only where we prepare home-cooked meals but also gather around in conversation, prepare for the workday, and even share meals. So, it’s important that your kitchen is a place that lends itself to its many uses – meaning, it has to be organized and free of clutter.

Our Pismo Beach plumbers have nine tips to organize your kitchen just in time for the holiday season.

Make an Assessment

The first step is determining how you and your family most use your kitchen. Is there space for a sitting area for entertaining, and what items would be best utilized in that space? Does your kitchen serve as a workspace for larger projects in need of space to spread out or even an area for video conferencing? What meals does your family share in the kitchen as opposed to a separate dining area?

After those questions are answered, the goal is to ensure those spaces aren’t prone to collecting clutter.

Reduce and Minimize

Considering all the uses for your kitchen, one space can contain only so much stuff. Think about what items you can get rid of. That fondue set you haven’t used for years? It might be time to let it go. Also, identify duplicates such as the old cutlery set you’ve long since upgraded from, or the flatware stuffed in the back of the china cabinet you haven’t used in years.

This gives you a starting point to re-organize.


Think about what are the most commonly used items in your kitchen and re-organize them into the most easily accessible storage areas. The cups, plates and silverware, obviously, should all be in the most convenient areas possible. Make sure cleaning supplies, commonly kept under the kitchen sink, are moved toward the front so you don’t have to dig whenever there’s a spill.

Reserve the out-of-the-way cabinet and storage areas for things you don’t use on a day-to-day basis, like the blender, crockpot, or – who are we kidding – that fancy espresso machine you haven’t quite gotten around to figuring out how to use.


Who doesn’t have a kitchen junk drawer, right? Or two or three, for that matter. Now is the time to dump them out and get rid of all the, well, junk. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the useless knickknacks, try condensing the things you actually use into just one, neatly organized drawer.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Once you’ve optimized all the drawer and cabinet space, organize based on what you use and where you most use it. If the island becomes a work space more often than not, keep a drawer of office supplies nearby. Consider turning cabinet or shelf space in the area that is used for entertainment into a bar.

Create places to store items so everyday kitchen items like glasses, cutlery, or kitchen appliances aren’t left out on surface areas. Add separate areas to store non-kitchen items such as work supplies or games for the kids.

Upgrade Your Shelving

Once you’ve got a handle on organization and space, you’ll probably realize you could use some more shelving. This is also a perfect opportunity to upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetics. Consider adding a bookshelf for decorative items like family photos, potted plants, and also functional items like cookbooks. Open shelving creates a sense of light and space and provides an area to showcase various kitchen items when not in use.

Consider the Countertops

Clutter-free counters make a big difference in how your kitchen space feels. It makes preparing food easier, but also creates a more attractive space for family and friends to congregate during a gathering. Store small appliances, containers of food and keep counter-top friendly items like knife blocks or cutting boards out of the way.

This also makes it easier for your kitchen to double as a workspace. Who wants to see a box of Cocoa Puffs during a work videoconference call, after all?

Don’t Forget the Food

Speaking of food, now is the perfect time to clean out the pantry and fridge. Throw out all those old boxes of pasta, stale crackers – basically anything outdated and, obviously, fuzzy. Consider moving bulk items into another area such as the garage, basement, or chest freezer.

Time For a Remodel?

Of course, a bit of remodeling could be in order as you reconsider your kitchen and how it’s used. It could be as simple as adding a functional backsplash for aesthetic purposes as well as hanging storage or installing an island for myriad additional functions and storage options.

Consider things like a hanging rack for pots and pans, an additional sink for a wet bar, a wall spice rack, and a chalkboard for jotting down recipes or to-do lists.

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