Pismo Beach Plumbing: Dishwasher Clogs

Pismo Plumbers Dishwasher Clogs

We all want to be able to count on our household appliances, especially around the holidays. When dishwashers don’t perform as expected, it’s often due to annoying clogs, which can wreck havoc on your home plumbing. That’s why it helps to know what to look out for. Here are the five most common signs your dishwasher is clogged and it’s time to call Griffin’s Pismo plumbing pros:

1. Dirty Dishes

Discover a dishwasher full of dirty plates and pans after running it? It might be because it never filled with water in the first place! Dirty dishes all too often indicate a pesky clog in your main line or secondary kitchen line.

2. Water Backup

If your dishwasher is running and water is backing up out of the kitchen sink, there might be a problem. Shut off the dishwasher and run the garbage disposal to ensure there’s no food stuck in the sink or causing a clog. If the water backup persists, call a plumber immediately.

3. Standing Water

When you open the dishwasher after it’s completed a cycle and immediately spot standing water, something it wrong. Standing water is a surefire sign that your dishwasher didn’t drain properly.

4. Slow-flowing Drains

When you drains start to circle slowly, you know something is up. It could very well be the start of a clog. You’ll want to get help as soon as possible, because that near-clog can quickly wind up a fully clogged kitchen sink and dishwasher.

5. Strange Sounds

Listen up. Hear any unusual gurgling sound coming from the drain? This noise could be water trying to break through a stubborn clog in your main sewer line. If you start to hear strange sounds, don’t wait. Contact Griffin Plumbing so we can diagnose the issue and prevent costly damage.

There’s nothing more annoying than a dishwasher that isn’t up for the job. The good news is the best plumbers in Pismo are prepared to save the day! If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, a clog in your sewer line or the kitchen sink’s water supply line and drain system is most likely the culprit. When clogs occur, your dishwasher isn’t able to get all the water necessary to effectively clean dishes. So, it’s important to know the Pismo plumbing experts to call when you need home plumbing repair fast – Griffin Plumbing at (805) 751-7206 .

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