Preventative Plumbing for Your Shower and Bath

Shell Beach Plumbing Bath and Shower pro tips

Autumn is officially here and you better believe the best plumbers in Shell Beach are not about to FALL down on the job of providing you with seasonal yet practical plumbing tips! As our pros always say after a grueling shower drain cleaning, the best maintenance is always preventative maintenance. With this motto in mind, our Shell Beach plumbers are here today to give you a few basic tips when it comes to maintaining your shower and bath.

Clean Your Drains

Drain build up. Not only does it leave your bathroom smelly, these pesky clogs always come at the absolute worst times, like after a long day at work or before a visit from the in-laws. If you don’t use a drain cover, then you’re going to end up in a hairy situation Hair and soap scum buildup in your drains can be easily avoided if filtered through a drain cover or catcher. This simple step will save you from a bad time and a costly plumbing bill.


Pro tip: Cleaning your shower and drain regularly with a nonabrasive solution or product will also reduce the risk of a soapy hairball buildup.

Repair Cracks

Mildew is no fun for anyone. That’s why our Shell Beach plumbers want you to repair all the cracks in your bathroom, tub, and shower. Cracks and crevices are hothouses for mildew and mold, and can make you sick if left unchecked! Every few months, check for loose or damaged tiles and seal them. This will ensure water won’t damage the wall cavities and cause mayhem!

Pro tip: Using a wax polish on your bathtub will not only keep it squeaky clean, but it’ll also help seal small cracks until you’re able to get them fixed!

Reseal With Caulk 

Our Shell Beach plumbers want you to know: caulk is your friend! Silicone caulk will seal any possible problems around your toilet, shower, sink and bath to make sure nothing gets damaged by unfortunate leaks.

Pro tip: Caulk lasts up to five years, so regular inspection at transition points is an important part of regular bathroom maintenance.

Our plumbing company is proud to serve Shell Beach and beyond. From residential repairs and remodels to comprehensive preventative maintenance plans. When a plumbing nightmare strikes, know our Shell Beach plumbers are ready to fight. Call our friendly Griffin plumbing experts today at (805) 934-1949, or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment.


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