Shell Beach Plumbers: Why Do My Drains Keep Clogging?


Do your drains keep clogging? Not to fear – the best plumbers in Shell Beach are here to help you get to the root of the problem!

While clogged drains and blocked pipes might seem like a minor issue at first, they can easily escalate into major plumbing challenges. A clogged drain will cause slow water drainage, flooding, corrosion, and in some extreme cases – sewage backup or costly repairs. Preventing clogged drains begins with identifying their cause. Below you’ll find many of the most common culprits of clogged drains along with how to avoid them in the first place.


Our Shell Beach plumbers understand that tiny tree roots can grow into giant plumbing problems. Roots that grow into the cracks or joints of sewer pipes in search of water can cause serious damage. Clay or concrete installed between 1920 and 1970 are especially vulnerable because they were not always water tight when installed. That means roots can have room to grow freely into the pipes. Tree roots or simply the weight of the soil may also crush clay or concrete pipes, which become increasingly brittle as they get older. The truth is, even the smallest leak or crack in your underground pipes will attract tree root growth. Once inside your pipes, tree roots grow fast and will obstruct water flow. Good thing Griffin’s Shell Beach plumbers are experts at resolving clogged drains caused by root damage.


Even if you have a garbage disposal, do your best not to let food waste go down the drain. Try disposing in the trash, or start a compost pile instead. Homeowners don’t want food waste going down the drain because it can actually cause serious clogs. Beyond damaging oil and grease, it’s important to avoid coffee grounds and tealeaves from going down the drain because they don’t breakdown.


We all shed to some extent, which is why hair is an all too common culprit when it comes to drain damage. When bound with grease, hair can cause stubborn clogs. One way to resolve this issue is to prevent hair from traveling down the drain in the first place. Try installing drain guards and you might be surprised by how much hair they collect! Just be sure to clean the drain guards regularly.


Dirt build-up sounds like something you can’t dismiss, but it’s actually a big deal because it can cause clogged drains. When drains and pipes wash dirt away, that same dirt can collect and build-up into a big problem. Next time you come home from a hike or the beach, do your best to rinse off excess mud and dirt outdoors before taking a shower to prevent this from happening.


Kids flush strange stuff down the toilet. Sometimes, without us parents even noticing! If a small object has found it’s way into your plumbing supply that’s not so good. The only things that should get flushed are water, toilet paper, and waste. Anything other than that belongs in the recycling, trash, or compost pile. If a foreign object is wrecking havoc on your home plumbing, you may not actually know it. Be sure to give Griffin’s Shell Beach plumbing experts a call today for a careful inspection of what’s causing your clogged drains.


Soap buildup sounds innocent enough but it actually has the power to clog pipes, especially in your bathrooms or laundry station. Slowly and silently over time, soap simply accumulates as it’s carried down the drain. Although soap moves at a glacial pace, the water back up will occur suddenly as your drainpipes are condensed in diameter. You can prevent soap buildup in your home by avoiding traditional soap bars (which are often made from grease or fat, ick) and by scheduling preventative plumbing maintenance appointments with the drain cleaning experts at Griffin.


Grease is gross and it does not belong in the kitchen sink. Why? As grease travels down pipes it’s carried by hot water before being cooled by vent pipes that invite cold air into the system. That means, when the hot grease cools, it will stick to the pipe walls. This restricts the amount of water the pipe can actually drain and is no good for your home plumbing system. Avoid grease buildup by being cautious with what goes down the kitchen sink.


You might not know it, but minerals dissolve in hard water and can actually build up to cause insoluble masses that block drains. One way to prevent mineral buildup is by investing in a water softener. Learn more by contacting the friendly plumbers at Griffin!


We encourage you to avoid the temptation to use caustic chemicals to try to clear the drain yourself. These hazardous products are less effective at removing most clogs over time and can cause further damage to pipes, especially older ones.

As soon as you notice a clog, call the drain cleaning experts at Griffin at (805) 934-1949. Waiting will only increase the odds of damaging your home or add up to more costly repairs in the future.

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