Shell Beach Plumbing: Handy Tools for Homeowners

Shell Beach Plumbing: Handy Tools For Homeowners

Our Shell Beach plumbing pros want you to know that it never hurts to be prepared! When plumbing issues arise, you know to call Griffin Plumbing. Live in a home long enough and you’ll eventually have to deal with maintenance issues. For common repairs around the house, it can be helpful for homeowners to keep a practical set of tools on hand to tackle basic fixes yourself. It’s good to know that you can invest in tools over time, and don’t need to purchase everything all at once. Below you’ll find our top toolkit recommendations for busy homeowners.

Standard Essentials:

  • Toolbox
  • Work gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Hammer
  • Nails and screws
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Utility knife

More Handy Helpers:


Owning a plunger sure is handy. We advise discreetly storing one in every bathroom. It’s often the first tool you can reach for when faced with a clogged toilet or tub. Simply press down to create a firm seal around the drain before pulling upward. Keep in mind that your goal is to vacuum the clog out, not accidentally push it down deeper.

Extension Cord

Keeping an electrical extension cord around the house is a smart move whether you’re looking to add light to a dark corner of your space, or need it to plug-in another tool in a tricky spot.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

While not everyone needs a full set of wrenches, it’s important to have an adjustable option on hand to fit nuts and bolts of all different sizes. Many self-adjusting wrenches are self-ratcheting, which means you don’t need to remove them from the bolt to tighten it.

Step Stool

Having a step stool or two at home is safe idea. Not all homeowners are six feet tall! Many folks would benefit from a step-up more often than we think.

Here at Griffin Plumbing, we know that even a simple plumbing problem can bring your life to a grinding halt. That’s why our experienced Shell Beach plumbing experts are dedicated to getting you back on track as soon as possible. When you experience any kind of plumbing problem, contact our friendly team straight away at 1-805-934-1949.

Shell Beach Plumbing: Household Tools You Should Have

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