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Griffin Plumbing: Your Sewer & Septic Repair Specialists

The experienced plumbing professionals at Griffin are here to solve your plumbing woes and provide you with peace of mind. When your home septic or sewer system is in need of an update, our friendly plumbing team is at your service.

Signs You Need the Griffin Plumbing Inspection Team

Common symptoms that your home needs a professional sewer inspection plumber include drains that drain slower than they should or the smell of sewage coming from drains when you flush the toilet. A consistently wet area in your yard may signal a sewer line issue, especially in dry or hot weather. Many older homes have sewer lines made from clay tile, which can collapse, crack, or break over time – allowing sewage to leak. If you notice similar symptoms at your home, now is the time to schedule a sewer inspection before the problem gets worse.

Call Our Professional Plumbing Experts

All too often, warning signs can and will develop into expensive sewer repairs. The expert plumbers at Griffin can perform a home inspection fast, locating and solving issues the first time to save you time and money. An inspection will determine if your home needs a cleaning or pipe replacement. That’s where our sewer repair techs come to the rescue.


Trenchless Sewer Repair

No more mess! Whether or not you’re on a septic system, Griffin’s Trenchless Sewer repair is the cost-effective, long-term solution you need to repair plumbing lines without digging up your yard or driveway. Using existing access, Griffin Plumbing technicians install a corrosion-resistant epoxy liner—creating a brand-new pipe inside of the damaged one without the hassle and destruction of more traditional methods.

Our Experienced Plumbers Are Ready to Help

Sewer replacement, cleaning, and repair technicians are available to inspect and repair your home sewer system. Call today to learn how we can best serve your residential needs. Put your sewer problems in the hand of professionals and call Griffin Plumbing today.