3 Signs It’s Time for Bathroom Fixture Upgrades


You know it’s probably time – long past time.

We’re talking about your bathroom, its dated tile, grimy sinks and let’s just say “vintage” fixtures. Yes, it’s time for an update.

And in case you still aren’t convinced, our Orcutt plumbers have put together a list of three sure-fire signs that it’s time to upgrade your bathroom fixtures.

You’ve Got Leaks

Your old bathroom fixtures aren’t just an eyesore, they’re costing you money, too.

The average home leaks up to almost 10,000 gallons of water each year, according to the EPA.

You can replace the gasket, sure, but that might not do the trick. If you can’t quite tighten connections completely, it’s another sign that your fixtures are getting too old. Faucets that are old enough might be beyond saving, meaning it’s time for a replacement.

If your old faucet is leaking, it’s a perfect time to upgrade to something more modern and stylish anyway – and it might even save you some money in the long run.

Things are Looking – and Smelling – Dingy and Rusty

Bathrooms are a perfect breeding ground for rust, mold, mildew, and grime with the constant humidity and moisture.

If basic cleaning isn’t doing the trick anymore, and you’re seeing mold reappear faster and faster or that mildewy smell isn’t going away, replacing your fixtures is probably the best bet.

It’s a good way to improve the overall cleanliness of your bathroom, but it goes beyond that. Excess build-up and/or rust prevent your fixtures and pipes from functioning efficiently, meaning upgrades will not only add to your bathroom’s cleanliness but also to how well everything works.

Out With the Old…

If you’re getting tired of those dated, seashell-print tiles, old plastic faucets, and the showerhead that is more of a drip than a stream, that’s more than enough of a sign that it’s time for bathroom fixture upgrades.

This especially makes sense if you can add some aesthetics and function while also saving money. Installing a low-flow showerhead is an easy, low-cost way to make your bathroom much more ecologically-friendly.

As for the style aspect, there are so many options available – from high-tech programable faucets to massaging or rainwater showerheads. It’s all just an internet search away.


If you need some guidance on your bathroom fixture upgrade from our helpful Orcutt plumbers, we’re always just a call or click away.

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