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Clogged drains can feel more like science fiction than real life. Think about it… you’re peering down some dark drain looking at who knows what. There’s some mysterious unpleasant odor seeping out that is making your stomach do somersaults. You half expect that some slimy alien is going to pull you down every time you reach into your drain to get the water flowing again. We get it! It’s scary stuff! That’s why you only need to call Griffin Plumbing for drain cleaning services the next time your drain is giving you the heebie-jeebies.

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Griffin Plumbing provides nothing but the best for our clients in Orcutt- and that is easy to do with our state of the art drain cleaning and clog-busting equipment. We use a combination of environmentally friendly, organic solvents, cutting-edge imaging technology, and high-pressure water jetting to correct even the toughest of clogs. Let’s take a quick walk through the drain cleaning options we have to get your drain back to flowing freely:

Video Camera – This is not your typical camera for home movies. Our camera is actually very small and is connected to a long thin wire and is routed through your drainage system, giving us a real-time view of the inside of your pipes. This allows us to see any build-up and what it consists of, identify the presence of roots in your system, and observe any internal cracking or visible weakening inside the pipe walls. After viewing your pipes with our high-tech camera, we’ll know exactly what is going on in your system and what drain cleaning method needs to happen to restore your drains to like-new condition.

Hydro Jetter – Remember Ghost Busters and their power packs that shot energy to obliterate ghouls? Okay, well take away the jump suits and replace the energy with water; now you have a hydro jetter. Similar to a power washer, except made specifically for pipes, the hydro jetter moves water with a force of 1500 psi to 3500 psi. This kind of water power can break through the worst of clogs, including dissolving tree roots in your pipes. We route the hydro jetter through your drainage system’s “clean out” which is a special section built into every system for the purpose of cleaning the pipes. That means we already have everything we need and there is no need to dig up your pipes or take apart your walls.

BioSmart – Also referred to as the Drain Maid, this is a great organic solvent that helps to keep your drain healthy. It restores the healthy enzymes in your pipes that keep them clear and smelling fresh and eats up the bad bacteria that leads to clogs and foul odors.

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