San Luis Obispo Plumbing: How To Kid-Proof Your Plumbing

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How to Kid-proof your plumbing -

Here at Griffin, your reliable San Luis Obispo plumbing pros have just about seen it all when it comes to broken faucets, running toilets, and clogged drains. Although you may take all the steps you can to avoid clogs and breakdowns, there is one thing that homeowners often overlook when it comes to preventative plumbing: their kids. Toddlers don’t understand that toilets and drains are unsanitary, and instead see them as play pools for their favorite toys, which leads to clogs and emergency Barbie rescue missions from our heroic San Luis Obispo plumbers. So how do you save your plumbing from costly repairs? Here are 4 ways to kid-proof your plumbing not only to protect your pipes, but also to protect your little ones from injuries.

Install Safety Latches and Locks

Putting safety guards on drawers that hold hazardous items in your house is a surefire way to avoid little hands from getting into trouble. It is wise to install them on cabinets that hold items like razors and medicine, as well drawers that contain knives and other pointy cutlery in the kitchen. A safety latch on the toilet can prevent toddlers from playing in the basin, and a lock (or cover) on the garbage disposal can avoid chopped up lego disasters.

Pro tip: A flush lever lock is also a great investment for curious kiddos who might be wasting water or who get past the toilet lid latch. These locks add a second line of defense against unwanted flushing.

Invest in an Anti-scald Device For Faucets and Shower Head

Anti-scald devices regulate the water temperature to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot. This can help prevent burns and injuries to little ones playing with faucets and shower heads. Interested? Our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbing experts can install this for you.

Embrace Drain Covers

As you may already know, kids are curious about small openings. They see your drains as tools to learn where things do and don’t fit. Drain covers, specifically built-in push-plug ones, are ideal for avoiding costly clogs. Keeping these covers pushed in until your little ones are old enough to understand what they are is key to keeping your drains clean and clear.

Seasonal Plumbing Services

Finally, one of the best ways to childproof your house and keep your little ones safe is through seasonal or annual inspections. Broken pipes and leaking sewers are dangerous for everybody, but especially small children who don’t understand that gray water and muck can be hazardous. The last thing any parent wants is for their kids to find a leak before they do, that’s why our San Luis Obispo plumbers are your go to when it comes to sneaky household issues.

At Griffin Plumbing, we are experts when it comes to leak detection and repairs in San Luis Obispo. Whether you suspect you have a plumbing problem, or simply want a household checkup, we are here to provide you the right fix the first time—every time. Schedule a visit today online, or over the phone at (805) 934-1949.