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Arroyo Grande Plumber Reviews For Griffin Plumbing

If you have spent any amount of time in Arroyo Grande, you can understand why we so enjoy this warm and charming Central Coast community. Whether we are helping with the commercial plumbing needs of the locally owned businesses in the historic Village, or meeting the residential plumbing needs of the many families in the surrounding area, we love serving the people of Arroyo Grande are honored to do so.

It truly humbles us when we receive 5 Star reviews with glowing comments from our customers. Here are just a few of the Arroyo Grande plumber reviews we’ve been given over the past few years…

What a wonderful job you do! Thank you to James as well, we’ve requested him 3 times now. James is always on time, very polite, works hard, is extremely efficient and is a joy to be around! He’s good lookin’ to boot! Thank you again for your hard work, Griffin Plumbing!

  – Hailee Cardillo, Arroyo Grande   [Verified 5 Star Review on Google]

Griffin plumbing provided excellent, fast service. Their plumber James was professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for the great service!

   – Austin Burdick, Arroyo Grande   [Verified 5 Star Review on Google]

Mark was very professional, friendly and informative regarding various options in plumbing and service plans then got right to work in an organized and efficient way that seemed very thorough to me. I would definitely recommend Griffin Plumbing.

   – George Tappan, Arroyo Grande   [Verified 5 Star Offline Review]

As usual, fast and professional service.

   – John Ebrahimi, Arroyo Grande   [Verified 5 Star Offline Review]

Competent, courteous, fast response and patient.

  – Neil Mahan, Arroyo Grande   [Verified 5 Star Offline Review]


*** Yelp has a unique policy of only including reviews from “active community members” in their rating system. This means that reviews from verified customers who simply don’t spend a lot of time on Yelp are  “Filtered” (hidden where they are difficult to find) and not included in the posted Star Rating. As of this writing we have 26 reviews from Verified Customers that have been filtered over the past few years. If these mostly 5 Star reviews were included with those that are currently visible, our posted rating on Yelp would be 4.0 Stars.

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