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Here at Griffin Plumbing our team appreciates the many Santa Maria and Orcutt customers who trust us to resolve their commercial and residential plumbing problems – especially those who choose to share their Griffin Plumbing reviews and experiences with our community. We’re so glad Pastor Rick chose to share his experience with Griffin Plumbing via video. Here’s what he had to say:

Pastor Rick Bloom

“Hello everyone. I’m Pastor Rick Bloom, Senior Pastor of Pacific Christian Church, School and Preschool. We have a relationship with Griffin Plumbing that goes back quite a while.

They’ve done good work for us – they’re always here in emergencies as soon as they possibly can, [and] after the work’s done they always follow up with a phone call and make sure that everything was done to our satisfaction. If it wasn’t they come back and make it right.

We appreciate them very much. They’ve done work also in my home. Mark, who is one of the plumbers there that I’ve known for quite some time is a real man of integrity [with a] great work ethic and has done some real good work for me at my house. And so I appreciate them very much and I’m glad to give them this endorsement. God bless you.”

Thank you for the positive review Pastor Rick! Our Santa Maria and Orcutt plumbers are happy to know you think so highly of their work. You are an absolute joy to serve. It’s customers like you who motivate us to serve families and businesses in Santa Maria and Orcutt.

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